Third Generation

11. Robert3 CLEAVES (John2, William1) (#5724) was born in Beverly, Ezzex Co., MA 26 APR 1707.

He married twice. He married Sarah HARDING date unknown. (Sarah HARDING is #5725.) He married Mehitabel HALL date unknown. (Mehitabel HALL is #6413.) Came to Arundel (it is now Kennebunkport), ME from Beverly, MA in about 1740. Bought land of Thomas Huff "Beaver Pond". He was a blacksmith and was licensed to trade in 1741.

On 5/22/1739 he and wife, Sarah, bought 40 acres from Abel & John Merrill. On 2/5/1754 he bought 50 acres in Arundel from Nathaniel Wildes. On 3/13/1754 he bought land from Setphen Harding. (his wife's maiden name) On 1/22/1756 he sold 12 acres to his son, John, a chairmaker.

He was married twice, - Mehitable Hall, and Sarah Harding. Children connected to which one's?

The above information supplied by Wesley Cleaves.

Robert CLEAVES had the following children:

child 16 i. John4 CLEAVES (#5726). He married twice. He married Sarah BARTER date unknown. (Sarah BARTER is #5727.) also seen as Sarah Baxter

He married Abigail BICKFORD date unknown. (Abigail BICKFORD is #5728.) A chairmaker, he bought 12 acres in Arundel, ME from his father.

child 17 ii. William CLEAVES (#5731). William died date unknown at age unknown. died in the army. William Cleaves died in the Army

child 18 iii. Stephen CLEAVES (#5732). He married Alice PERKINS date unknown. (Alice PERKINS is #5733.)

child 19 iv. Sarah CLEAVES (#5734). She married Jonathan DOWNING date unknown. (Jonathan DOWNING is #5735.)

child 20 v. James CLEAVES (#5736). He married twice. He married Mehibable WEBBER date unknown. (Mehibable WEBBER is #5737.) He married Mehitable MURPHY 5 SEP 1795. (Mehitable MURPHY is #5738.) Also seen as Mehitable Webber

child 21 vi. Elinor CLEAVES (#5739).

child 22 vii. Israel CLEAVES (#5740) was born in Arundel, ME about 1749. now known as Kennebunkport, ME. He married Margaret PATTEN date unknown. (Margaret PATTEN is #5741.) Per "A History of Hollis, ME formerly Little Falls later Phillipsburg", by Martin H. Jewett & Olive W. Hannaford; printed by The Knowlton & McLeary Co., Farmington, ME, 1976 "Israel Cleaves was born in Arundel about 1749. His father, Robert, had come from Beverly, MA to Arundel about 1740. Israel settled in Little Falls before Mar. 15, 1781 when he sold an eighth of Goodwins saw-mill. He owned a barn in 1792. In 1824 he deeded his homestead farm to his granddaughter, mary wife of Samuel Libby." "Robert Cleaves, a nephew of Israel, came to Little Falls between 1790-1800. His children included Robert, Jr. and Mary, wife of Daniel Smith." This research and information was provided by Wesley Cleaves.

Robert CLEAVES and Sarah HARDING had the following child:

child + 23 viii. Eaton Sr. CLEAVES was born After 1742.

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