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ADAMS, Arthur (marriage to Corrillia 'Rillie' Blanch LLOYD) (i247) (living status unknown)


ALBRIGHT, Christine Elizabeth (i3814) (still alive)
ALBRIGHT, Claire Ruth (i8190) (still alive)
ALBRIGHT, Dianna Lynn (i3815) (still alive)
ALBRIGHT, Lillian Mae (i8191) (still alive)
ALBRIGHT, Michael William (i3816) (still alive)
ALBRIGHT, Miriam Emma (i8192) (still alive)


ALBRO, Barbara (marriage to Moses BARBER) (i7698)


ALEXANDER, Sarah Wallace (marriage to Christopher Raymond PERRY) (i5344), b.1764-d.1830


ANDREWS, Almira (marriage to Clarke BARBER) (i7729), b.1822-d.1893


ARNSBERGER, Daniel (marriage to Abigail BARBER) (i7186)
ARNSBERGER, Orlando (i7192), b.1852-
ARNSBERGER, Sally (i7193), b.1855-


AUSTIN, David (marriage to Hannah BARBER) (i7689)


AVELINE, Mary "Pengishenoquoh" (marriage to Thomas Jefferson WITT) (i2743), b.1846-d.1913


AXTELL, Geneva Emma (marriage to William Richard BARBER) (i7173), b.1899-


BABCOCK, Amy (i8626), b.1818-
BABCOCK, Anna (marriage to Moses BARBER) (i732), b.1663-d.1691
BABCOCK, Asa (i8623), b.1811-
BABCOCK, Asa (marriage to Elizabeth BARBER) (i727)
BABCOCK, Christopher John (i8625), b.1814-
BABCOCK, Eliza (i8724), b.1808-
BABCOCK, Elizabeth (i8624), b.1813-
BABCOCK, Eunice (marriage to Thomas BARBER) (i716)
BABCOCK, Frank (i8722), b.1806-
BABCOCK, George W. (i8621), b.1807-
BABCOCK, Isaac (i8727), b.1814-
BABCOCK, Martha (i8726), b.1812-
BABCOCK, Mary Louise (i8622), b.1809-
BABCOCK, Nathan (i8725), b.1810-
BABCOCK, Nathan (marriage to Patty BARBER) (i8721), b.1783-
BABCOCK, Rhoda Ann (marriage to Matthew Stillman BARBER) (i7555), b.1819-d.1903
BABCOCK, Sherman (i8728), b.1816-
BABCOCK, Susan (marriage to George Washington BARBER) (i7551)
BABCOCK, Thankful (marriage to Caleb BARBER) (i7676)
BABCOCK, Thomas Barber (i8620), b.1806-
BABCOCK, William (i8723), b.1807-
BABCOCK, William A. (i8627), b.1820-


BAKER, Amey (i7606), b.1800-
BAKER, Burton Charles (i6847), b.1900-d.1975
BAKER, Burton Charles (i6967), b.1923-d.2000
BAKER, Dorothy J. (i6848), b.1905-
BAKER, Dr. Julian Crawford (marriage to Flora Evelyn BARBER) (i5504)
BAKER, Electra Chapman (i7609)
BAKER, Fredric (i6849), b.1910-
BAKER, James Monroe (marriage to Marvel BARBER) (i7604), d.1814
BAKER, Nancy (i7607), b.1804-


BANCROFT, Cella A. (marriage to Dee C. BARBER) (i225), b.1873-d.1970


BARBER, Aaron (i6342), b.1803-
BARBER, Aaron (i7731), b.1800-
BARBER, Abby Frances (i8651), b.1841-
BARBER, Abial (i706), b.1789-
BARBER, Abigail (i1367), b.1713-
BARBER, Abigail (i7185), b.1831-
BARBER, Abraham (i9255), b.1779-
BARBER, Adelaide Sherman (i7463), b.1882-
BARBER, Alan Paul (i14) (still alive)
BARBER, Alanson (i6276), b.1809-d.1853
BARBER, Albert (i8642), b.1844-
BARBER, Albro (i7668), b.1767-
BARBER, Alfred Clark (i8629), b.1835-
BARBER, Alice (i8641), b.1844-
BARBER, Alice (i8955), b.1853-
BARBER, Alice Gertrude (i8645), b.1868-
BARBER, Allen (i8640), b.1841-d.1923
BARBER, Allen Lincoln (i8646), b.1871-
BARBER, Alonzo Crandall (i114), b.1817-d.1855
BARBER, Amanda (?) (marriage to Asa Thomas BARBER) (i6345)
BARBER, Amelia (i9284), b.1834-
BARBER, Amie (i7423)
BARBER, Amie (i7691), b.1742-d.1803
BARBER, Amy (?) (marriage to Moses BARBER) (i7386)
BARBER, Amy Louise (i189) (still alive)
BARBER, Ann (i7430), b.1783-
BARBER, Ann (?) (marriage to Gideon BARBER) (i245)
BARBER, Ann (marriage to James BARBER) (i7416)
BARBER, Ann E. (i7375), b.1842-d.1921
BARBER, Ann Elizabeth (i85) (still alive)
BARBER, Ann Elizabeth (i7252), b.1852-
BARBER, Anna (i6346), b.1797-
BARBER, Anna Marie (i9267), b.1812-
BARBER, Anna Mary (i8971), b.1869-d.1910
BARBER, Anne (i751), b.1717-d.1755
BARBER, Anne (i7661), b.1749-
BARBER, Annie C. (i7254), b.1870-
BARBER, Annie Chapman (i7450), b.1815-d.1847
BARBER, Annie Elizabeth (i9363) (still alive)
BARBER, Arnold (i125), b.1755-
BARBER, Arnold (i7448), b.1810-d.1811
BARBER, Arthur (i8939)
BARBER, Arthur Houghton (i7465), b.1885-
BARBER, Asa (marriage to Meriam BARBER) (i7595)
BARBER, Asa Thomas (i6344), b.1812-
BARBER, Ausker V. (i230), b.1849-d.1849
BARBER, Avis (i138), b.1740-
BARBER, Azariah (i7682), b.1765-
BARBER, Benjamin (i745), b.1706-d.1792
BARBER, Benjamin (i7498), b.1723-d.1774
BARBER, Benjamin (i7576), b.1755-d.1834
BARBER, Benjamin (i7667), b.1764-
BARBER, Benjamin (i7672), b.1756-
BARBER, Benjamin (i7685), b.1766-d.1826
BARBER, Benjamin (i7736), b.1814-
BARBER, Benjamin (i8666), b.1802-
BARBER, Benjamin B., Sr (i106), b.1765-d.1854
BARBER, Benjamin Franklin (i7250), b.1837-d.1861
BARBER, Benjamin Maxon (i8649), b.1823-d.1865
BARBER, Benjamin Perry (i7544), b.1785-
BARBER, Benjamin, Jr (i108), b.1796-d.1860
BARBER, Bernice M. (i8010), b.1892-
BARBER, Bert Newton "Newt" (i7156), b.1899-d.1972
BARBER, Betsey (i8672), b.1782-
BARBER, Betsey (?) (marriage to Charles BARBER) (i8948)
BARBER, Beverly Rae (i9204) (living status unknown)
BARBER, Blanchard Azaria Jenks (i9559), b.1827-d.1902
BARBER, Blanche (i8959), b.1880-
BARBER, Bradford (i8953), b.1841-
BARBER, Bradford Alfred "John" (i4), b.1832-d.1864
BARBER, Bradford Kenyon (i113), b.1815-d.1886
BARBER, Bradford William (i15) (still alive)
BARBER, Bridget (i7647), b.1715-d.1747
BARBER, Burton Samuel (i7155), b.1875-d.1943
BARBER, Caleb (i7501), b.1727-d.1816
BARBER, Caleb (i7680), b.1758-
BARBER, Caleb, Jr. (i7674), b.1764-d.1849
BARBER, Capt. Henry Merriot (i7547), b.1807-
BARBER, Captain Nathan (i6528), b.1732-d.1816
BARBER, Caroline (i8712), b.1823-
BARBER, Caroline (?) (marriage to Jefferson BARBER) (i7190), b.1829-
BARBER, Cassandra Jean (i804) (still alive)
BARBER, Catherine (i220), b.1849-
BARBER, Catherine (i5500), b.1843-
BARBER, Catherine (?) (marriage to William Beaton BARBER) (i4512), b.1803-
BARBER, Catherine Ann (i35), b.1862-d.1922
BARBER, Celia A. (i8974), b.1877-d.1934
BARBER, Charles (i673)
BARBER, Charles (i7379), b.1866-
BARBER, Charles (i8643), b.1852-
BARBER, Charles (i8716), b.1844-
BARBER, Charles (i8943), b.1822-
BARBER, Charles Aaron (i7745), b.1871-d.1937
BARBER, Charles Deake (i6341), b.1801-
BARBER, Charles Delbert "Red" (i7), b.1885-d.1968
BARBER, Charles Henry (i7718), b.1848-d.1860
BARBER, Charles Henry (i7722), b.1860-d.1966
BARBER, Charles Holden (i8653), b.1795-
BARBER, Charles Joseph (i28), b.1932-d.2001
BARBER, Charlotte (i5497), b.1835-
BARBER, Cicero (i9265), b.1810-
BARBER, Clair H. (i7995), b.1877-
BARBER, Clara (i5947), b.1888-
BARBER, Clarke (i7728), b.1826-d.1893
BARBER, Clinton (i8993), b.1902-
BARBER, Cordelia Calista (i2397), b.1845-d.1903
BARBER, Cornelia (i5498), b.1836-
BARBER, Cyntha (i7376), b.1836-
BARBER, D. S. (i8960), b.1883-
BARBER, Dallas Arthur (i8011), b.1894-d.1990
BARBER, Dana (i9208) (still alive)
BARBER, Daniel (i212)
BARBER, Daniel (i747), b.1714-d.1805
BARBER, Daniel (i7164), b.1748-
BARBER, Daniel (i7166), b.1772-
BARBER, Daniel (i7203), b.1876-
BARBER, Daniel (i8942), b.1808-
BARBER, Daniel (i9322), b.1826-
BARBER, Daniel F. (i7009), b.1938-
BARBER, Daniel Leslie (i9190), b.1852-
BARBER, Daniel Ligouri (i9347) (still alive)
BARBER, dau (i6974), b.1858-
BARBER, dau (i6976)
BARBER, Dau (i8018), b.1829-
BARBER, Daughter (i7724)
BARBER, David (i8665), b.1799-
BARBER, David John (i17) (still alive)
BARBER, Davis G. (i7624)
BARBER, de Witt (i9279), b.1824-
BARBER, Deacon Weeden (i128), b.1777-d.1860
BARBER, Deacon Weeden (marriage to Hannah LEWIS) (i128), b.1777-d.1860
BARBER, Dee C. (i224), b.1870-d.1933
BARBER, Delia A. (i7196), b.1851-
BARBER, Deliverance (i7589), b.1751-
BARBER, Desire (i7572), b.1746-
BARBER, Desire (i7670), b.1772-
BARBER, Dinah (i134), b.1729-
BARBER, Dinah (i741), b.1692-d.1774
BARBER, Donald Scott (i8605) (still alive)
BARBER, Dorcas (i7561), b.1821-d.1873
BARBER, Dorothy (i9199)
BARBER, Douglas F. (i7176) (still alive)
BARBER, Dr. Isaac (i9256), b.1781-d.1845
BARBER, Earl Richmond (i8973), b.1874-d.1952
BARBER, Ebenezer (i1360)
BARBER, Edith M. (i7010), b.1875-d.1961
BARBER, Edward (i7502), b.1731-d.1760
BARBER, Edward (i7737), b.1816-d.1845
BARBER, Edward H. (i8940)
BARBER, Electa Ann (i6347), b.1819-
BARBER, Eliza Ann (i104), b.1825-d.1892
BARBER, Elizabeth (i111), b.1802-
BARBER, Elizabeth (i129), b.1779-d.1823
BARBER, Elizabeth (i208), b.1805-
BARBER, Elizabeth (i4471)
BARBER, Elizabeth (i7397)
BARBER, Elizabeth (i7574), b.1751-
BARBER, Elizabeth (i7645), b.1711-
BARBER, Elizabeth (i8661), b.1792-
BARBER, Elizabeth (i9253), b.1773-
BARBER, Elizabeth (?) (marriage to Emery BARBER) (i7378), b.1842-
BARBER, Elizabeth M. (?) (marriage to Clair H. BARBER) (i8008), b.1877-
BARBER, Ella Marie (i7467), b.1854-
BARBER, Ellen Jane "Jen" (i69), b.1884-d.1972
BARBER, Ellen Mae (i7008) (still alive)
BARBER, Ellen P. (i5501), b.1845-
BARBER, Ellen Viola (i223), b.1856-d.1949
BARBER, Ellwyn Clarence (i5492), b.1869-d.1907
BARBER, Emery (i7377), b.1837-
BARBER, Emma (i8982), b.1894-
BARBER, Emma Leone (i29), b.1878-d.1906
BARBER, Emma May (i6810), b.1872-d.1873
BARBER, Emory (i7205), b.1848-
BARBER, Esquire D. (i218), b.1824-d.1879
BARBER, Estelle (i5495), b.1880-
BARBER, Eunice (i8710), b.1819-
BARBER, Eveline F. (i227)
BARBER, Experience (i708), b.1793-
BARBER, Ezekiel (i746), b.1710-d.1786
BARBER, Ezekiel, Jr. (i7571), b.1742-
BARBER, Faney J. (?) (marriage to Gideon R. BARBER) (i9373), b.1823-
BARBER, Flora Anna (i30), b.1880-d.1950
BARBER, Flora Evelyn (i5494), b.1878-
BARBER, Florence Eugenia (i8966), b.1859-d.1940
BARBER, Frank (i7747), b.1877-
BARBER, Frank Ellsworth (i9194), b.1860-
BARBER, Frank Eugene (i8990), b.1888-
BARBER, Franklin (i8952), b.1839-
BARBER, Franklin C. (i235), b.1883-d.1947
BARBER, Franklin Gay (i8965), b.1857-
BARBER, Franklin L. (i7255), b.1872-
BARBER, Frederic (i8951), b.1837-
BARBER, Frederick Ruland (i6968), b.1869-d.1938
BARBER, Frederick W. (i8972), b.1873-d.1929
BARBER, Frederick Wetherby (i6970), b.1900-d.1974
BARBER, Gardner Smith (i7456), b.1827-d.1905
BARBER, George (i211)
BARBER, George Reynolds (i7424), b.1773-
BARBER, George Washington (i7550), b.1813-d.1905
BARBER, Gideon (i123), b.1767-d.1830
BARBER, Gideon R. (i210), b.1811-
BARBER, Giles Barney (i124), b.1767-
BARBER, Glovina (i9273), b.1818-
BARBER, Grace Arnold (i7464), b.1883-
BARBER, Greeta D. (i71), b.1899-d.1930
BARBER, Gregory Charles (i90) (still alive)
BARBER, Gue Eli (i9197), b.1889-
BARBER, Halley Marie (i5025) (still alive)
BARBER, Hannah (i710), b.1796-
BARBER, Hannah (i7573), b.1747-
BARBER, Hannah (i7679), b.1755-
BARBER, Hannah (i7688), b.1739-d.1760
BARBER, Hannah Moore (i8633), b.1845-
BARBER, Hapsibath (i9551)
BARBER, Harriet (i7184), b.1850-
BARBER, Harriet (i9277), b.1822-
BARBER, Harriet (marriage to William Frank BARBER) (i7566)
BARBER, Harriet Newell (i8634), b.1845-
BARBER, Harry C. (i7374), b.1864-
BARBER, Hattie Melissa (i7726), b.1895-
BARBER, Hazard (i7427), b.1779-
BARBER, Henry Clarke (i7716), b.1825-
BARBER, Henry E. (i7727)
BARBER, Hiram (i7455), b.1825-d.1893
BARBER, Hiram (i9275), b.1820-
BARBER, Horace Parker (i9193), b.1858-
BARBER, Ichabod (i126), b.1774-d.1826
BARBER, Ida Ellen (i9195), b.1862-
BARBER, Infant (i7439)
BARBER, Infant (i7440)
BARBER, Infant (i7441)
BARBER, Infant Dau (i6808), d.1867
BARBER, Infant Daughter (i7996), b.1880-
BARBER, Infant Twin (i722), b.1833-d.1833
BARBER, Infant Twin (i7513), b.1833-d.1833
BARBER, Infant twin son (i6809), b.1869-d.1869
BARBER, Isaac (i712), b.1800-
BARBER, Isaac (i9263), b.1807-d.1901
BARBER, Isaac James (i33), b.1858-d.1908
BARBER, Isadore Adele (i6979), b.1904-d.1958
BARBER, Israel (i119), b.1764-
BARBER, Israel (i8662), b.1795-
BARBER, Iva L. (i8961), b.1886-
BARBER, Ivan Wesley (i9198), b.1891-
BARBER, Jacob (i9258), b.1784-
BARBER, James (i1358), b.1594-
BARBER, James (i4468)
BARBER, James (i7392), b.1726-d.1821
BARBER, James A. (i1359), b.1620-d.1687
BARBER, James Bradford (i67), b.1878-d.1908
BARBER, James Chapman (i7445), b.1809-d.1858
BARBER, James Henry (i9) (still alive)
BARBER, James, Jr. (i7434), b.1788-d.1861
BARBER, Jane (i8954), b.1844-
BARBER, Jefferson (i7189), b.1826-
BARBER, Jefferson (i7734), b.1807-d.1883
BARBER, Jeffery Charles (i18) (still alive)
BARBER, Jennie (i7201), b.1866-
BARBER, Jennifer Marie (i19) (still alive)
BARBER, Jesse (i7435), b.1793-
BARBER, Jesse (i7457), b.1829-d.1919
BARBER, Job (i7428), b.1781-
BARBER, Joel (i109), b.1798-d.1870
BARBER, Joel H. (i7372), b.1835-d.1919
BARBER, Johanes (i9252), b.1770-
BARBER, John (i4469)
BARBER, John (i7168), b.1801-d.1873
BARBER, John (i7470)
BARBER, John (i7623)
BARBER, John (i7641), b.1709-d.1785
BARBER, John (i8668), b.1810-
BARBER, John (i8717), b.1847-
BARBER, John (i9257), b.1783-
BARBER, John (i9281), b.1826-
BARBER, John C. (i7194), b.1828-
BARBER, John Charles (i5), b.1855-d.1925
BARBER, John Charles Jr. (i805) (still alive)
BARBER, John Charles Sr. (i87) (still alive)
BARBER, John Child (i7238), b.1844-
BARBER, John Claude (i8021), b.1883-
BARBER, John Delbert (i25), b.1914-d.1914
BARBER, John K. (i7748), b.1883-
BARBER, John L. (i7200), b.1862-
BARBER, John L. (i8648), b.1814-
BARBER, John Lyman, Jr. (i8606), d.1988
BARBER, John Lyman, Sr. (i7243), b.1903-d.1991
BARBER, John Weeden (i8632), b.1842-
BARBER, John William "Jack" (i7001), b.1941-d.2004
BARBER, Jonathon (i7587), b.1746-d.1839
BARBER, Jonna (i7540), b.1741-
BARBER, Joseph (i744), b.1701-d.1779
BARBER, Joseph (i4473)
BARBER, Joseph (i7389), b.1724-
BARBER, Joseph (i8709), b.1814-
BARBER, Joseph (i9269), b.1814-
BARBER, Joseph Daniel (i9362) (still alive)
BARBER, Joseph Lawrence (i7246), b.1847-
BARBER, Joseph Lawrence, Jr. (i8020), b.1880-
BARBER, Joshua (i215), b.1800-
BARBER, Joshua (i7420), b.1752-
BARBER, Joshua (i7570), b.1739-
BARBER, Joshua Merriot (i7549), b.1810-d.1893
BARBER, Joshua Thomas (i91) (still alive)
BARBER, Josiah (i7583), b.1739-
BARBER, Judie (i7157) (still alive)
BARBER, Julia A. (?) (marriage to Rathbun BARBER Jr.) (i8950), b.1817-
BARBER, Karen Ann (i13) (still alive)
BARBER, Karl Wendell (i226), b.1899-d.1973
BARBER, Katherine Mary Elizabeth (i26), b.1917-d.2005
BARBER, Kathleen Alice (i84) (still alive)
BARBER, Kim (i9209) (still alive)
BARBER, Kristopher Paul (i8604) (still alive)
BARBER, Larry Ray (i9206) (still alive)
BARBER, Laura L. (i34), b.1860-d.1915
BARBER, Lawrence (i9254), b.1777-
BARBER, Lee Warren (i7245), b.1874-
BARBER, Lee Warren (marriage to M. Belle BARBER) (i7245), b.1874-
BARBER, Leonida Archibald (i8631), b.1840-
BARBER, Letha (i7380), b.1871-
BARBER, Lewis (i8938)
BARBER, Lewis (i8957), b.1858-
BARBER, Lincoln Grant (i8970), b.1867-d.1948
BARBER, Living (i7174) (still alive)
BARBER, Lizzie B. (i5493), b.1873-
BARBER, Lorena (i8994), b.1904-
BARBER, Louisa (i9259), b.1786-
BARBER, Louisa (i9271), b.1814-
BARBER, Louise Ann "Weeg" (i16) (still alive)
BARBER, Louise M. (i238), b.1932-d.2005
BARBER, Lt. Col. Moses (i7429), b.1782-d.1880
BARBER, Lucille (i8012), b.1897-
BARBER, Lucinda (i222), b.1855-
BARBER, Lucinda (i7548), b.1809-
BARBER, Lucy (i8663), b.1795-
BARBER, Lucy A. (i7711), b.1821-d.1899
BARBER, Luman (i8656)
BARBER, Lydia (i806), b.1693-d.1728
BARBER, Lydia (i7534), b.1730-d.1807
BARBER, Lydia (i7663), b.1751-
BARBER, Lydia (i9552)
BARBER, Lydia S. (?) (marriage to Thomas BARBER) (i8669), b.1790-
BARBER, Lyman (i7451), b.1817-d.1891
BARBER, Lyman Augustus (i9372), b.1878-
BARBER, Lyman Wooster (i6348), b.1846-d.1908
BARBER, Lynn Ellen (i9349) (still alive)
BARBER, M. Belle (i7242), b.1884-
BARBER, M. Belle (marriage to Lee Warren BARBER) (i7242), b.1884-
BARBER, Manfred E. (marriage to Mary A. BARBER) (i7720)
BARBER, Margaret (i7602), b.1794-
BARBER, Margaret Ann (i234), b.1875-d.1950
BARBER, Margaret Ruth (i23) (still alive)
BARBER, Maria (i8673), b.1785-
BARBER, Mariah T. (i231), b.1854-d.1855
BARBER, Marian C. (i7244), b.1900-
BARBER, Marian E. (i7249), b.1839-
BARBER, Marion Ethel (i9371), b.1876-
BARBER, Martha (i130), b.1780-d.1780
BARBER, Martha (i133), b.1726-
BARBER, Martha (i748), b.1705-d.1773
BARBER, Martha (i780), b.1867-
BARBER, Martha (?) (marriage to Benjamin Maxon BARBER) (i9398), b.1821-d.1872
BARBER, Martha (?) (marriage to John BARBER) (i7471)
BARBER, Martha (?) (marriage to Nathan Maxon BARBER) (i9400), b.1844-d.1893
BARBER, Martha (?) (marriage to Nicholas BARBER) (i9247), b.1720-d.1776
BARBER, Martha Jane (i9554)
BARBER, Martha M. (i8975), b.1879-d.1957
BARBER, Martin (i8667), b.1806-
BARBER, Marvel (i7426), b.1777-d.1864
BARBER, Mary (i122), b.1767-d.1854
BARBER, Mary (i135), b.1733-
BARBER, Mary (i221), b.1852-d.1875
BARBER, Mary (i4472), b.1618-d.1679
BARBER, Mary (i7183), b.1848-
BARBER, Mary (i7199), b.1858-
BARBER, Mary (i7398)
BARBER, Mary (i7425), b.1777-
BARBER, Mary (i7484), b.1721-d.1808
BARBER, Mary (i7518)
BARBER, Mary (i7538), b.1739-
BARBER, Mary (i7580), b.1761-d.1843
BARBER, Mary (i7585), b.1743-
BARBER, Mary (i7660), b.1747-
BARBER, Mary (i7675), b.1772-
BARBER, Mary (i7696), b.1764-
BARBER, Mary (i8647), b.1810-
BARBER, Mary (?) (marriage to Benjamin BARBER Jr) (i9344), b.1800-
BARBER, Mary A. (i7719), b.1852-d.1894
BARBER, Mary A. (i8969), b.1865-d.1865
BARBER, Mary Adeline "Addie" (i32), b.1853-d.1900
BARBER, Mary Agnes (i6986), b.1914-d.2003
BARBER, Mary Ann (i7730), b.1838-d.1842
BARBER, Mary C. (i721), b.1824-d.1874
BARBER, Mary E. (i8014), b.1923-
BARBER, Mary E. (i8956), b.1855-
BARBER, Mary Emeline (i9187), b.1846-
BARBER, Mary Esther (i7558), b.1819-
BARBER, Mary Frances (i8630), b.1836-
BARBER, Mary I. (i8720), b.1852-
BARBER, Mary Josephine (i86) (still alive)
BARBER, Matthew Stillman (i7552), b.1815-d.1888
BARBER, Maude Emma (i8986), b.1883-
BARBER, Maureen Grace (i2627) (still alive)
BARBER, Megan Valeria (i24) (still alive)
BARBER, Melissa Amelia (i7197), b.1852-
BARBER, Merchant (i707), b.1791-d.1874
BARBER, Merchant Jr. (i720), b.1836-d.1857
BARBER, Mercy (i120), b.1755-
BARBER, Mercy (i709), b.1794-
BARBER, Mercy (i750), b.1708-d.1790
BARBER, Mercy (i7393)
BARBER, Mercy (i7536), b.1737-d.1809
BARBER, Mercy A. (i8949), b.1853-
BARBER, Mercy R. (?) (marriage to Merchant BARBER) (i719), b.1801-d.1881
BARBER, Meredith Jane (i22) (still alive)
BARBER, Meriam (i7594), b.1757-
BARBER, Meribah (i7690), b.1747-d.1800
BARBER, Michael Charles (i188) (still alive)
BARBER, Michael John (i8600) (still alive)
BARBER, Michael William (i7005) (still alive)
BARBER, Michele Lynn (i7004) (still alive)
BARBER, Minnie E. (i42), b.1882-d.1897
BARBER, Moses (i140), b.1652-d.1732
BARBER, Moses (i7385), b.1720-d.1812
BARBER, Moses (i7449), b.1812-d.1851
BARBER, Moses (i7504), b.1734-d.1809
BARBER, Moses (i7639), b.1706-
BARBER, Moses (i7708), b.1794-
BARBER, Moses (i9248), b.1741-d.1830
BARBER, Moses Jesse (i7461), b.1851-d.1947
BARBER, Moses Jr. (i735), b.1683-
BARBER, Moses, Jr. (i7697), b.1768-d.1858
BARBER, Mrs. Vernum (?) (marriage to Vernum Kenyon BARBER) (i6973), b.1830-
BARBER, Myron Child (i7248), b.1840-
BARBER, Myron Hawley (i8944), b.1819-d.1899
BARBER, Nancy (i7179), b.1846-
BARBER, Nancy (i7182), b.1847-
BARBER, Nancy (i7191), b.1849-
BARBER, Nancy (i7419), b.1752-
BARBER, Nancy (i7563), b.1825-d.1901
BARBER, Naomi T. (i236), b.1889-
BARBER, Narathon (i7735), b.1809-
BARBER, Nathan (i8657), b.1784-
BARBER, Nathan Maxon (i9399), b.1845-d.1910
BARBER, Nathaniel (i7514)
BARBER, Nellie M. (?) (marriage to Harry C. BARBER) (i8009), b.1866-
BARBER, Nelson (i7743), b.1858-
BARBER, Nettie Virginia (i8968), b.1863-
BARBER, Newton Ceril (i8967), b.1861-
BARBER, Newton Richter (i8599) (still alive)
BARBER, Nicholas (i7646), b.1713-d.1777
BARBER, Noadiah (i7414), b.1745-
BARBER, Oliver Albert (i68), b.1881-d.1901
BARBER, Ophelia Adeline (i9188), b.1848-
BARBER, Orlando V. (i232), b.1849-d.1916
BARBER, Orlando Wesley (i9189), b.1850-
BARBER, Oscar Bradford (i5490), b.1847-
BARBER, Pardon R. (i7452), b.1819-d.1831
BARBER, Patience (i4475)
BARBER, Patience (i7702), b.1764-
BARBER, Patty (i705), b.1787-
BARBER, Peace (i7701), b.1760-
BARBER, Peleg (i117), b.1755-d.1836
BARBER, Peleg Sherman (i704), b.1785-
BARBER, Permelia (i8659), b.1786-
BARBER, Peter James (i21) (still alive)
BARBER, Phebe (?) (marriage to Bradford BARBER) (i8958), b.1847-
BARBER, Phebe Luecina (i9186), b.1844-
BARBER, Phoebe (i6343), b.1805-
BARBER, Phoebe (i8708), b.1812-
BARBER, Polly (i6340), b.1799-d.1883
BARBER, Polly (i7251), b.1835-d.1835
BARBER, Polly (i7681), b.1761-
BARBER, Preston (i214), b.1800-d.1855
BARBER, Putnam (i9553)
BARBER, Rachael (i7198), b.1855-
BARBER, Rachel (i9282)
BARBER, Rathbun, Jr. (i8937), b.1805-
BARBER, Rathbun, Sr. (i8936), b.1780-d.1868
BARBER, Ray Edwin (i9200), b.1911-
BARBER, Rebecca (i7517), b.1755-
BARBER, Rebecca (i7519), b.1766-
BARBER, Reuben B. (i7187), b.1835-
BARBER, Reuben U. (i7202), b.1868-
BARBER, Rev. Edward (i7683), b.1768-d.1835
BARBER, Reynolds (i7590), b.1754-d.1837
BARBER, Rhoda (i7433), b.1786-d.1883
BARBER, Rhoda (i8658), b.1785-
BARBER, Rhoda Jane (i9191), b.1854-
BARBER, Richard (i7178), b.1844-
BARBER, Richard (i7204), b.1855-
BARBER, Richard Solomon (i7170), b.1846-
BARBER, Robert (i9211) (still alive)
BARBER, Robert Frederick (i7002) (still alive)
BARBER, Robert Niles (i7709), b.1796-d.1887
BARBER, Robert Wayne (i9207) (still alive)
BARBER, Robinson (i7413), b.1743-
BARBER, Roy (i8981), b.1892-
BARBER, Ruben (i8945), b.1824-
BARBER, Ruland Wetherby (i6978), b.1899-d.1984
BARBER, Ruth (i749), b.1705-d.1755
BARBER, Ruth (i7432), b.1785-
BARBER, Ruth (i7542), b.1742-d.1825
BARBER, Samuel (i127), b.1784-
BARBER, Samuel (i742), b.1695-d.1760
BARBER, Samuel (i7177), b.1841-
BARBER, Samuel (i7387), b.1722-
BARBER, Samuel (i7417), b.1749-
BARBER, Samuel (i7505), b.1737-d.1815
BARBER, Samuel (i7666), b.1762-
BARBER, Samuel (i7703), b.1770-
BARBER, Samuel (i8654), b.1800-
BARBER, Samuel (marriage to Thankful LEWIS) (i127), b.1784-
BARBER, Samuel Andrew (i7732), b.1803-
BARBER, Samuel Hinkley (i7742), b.1852-
BARBER, Sarah (i723), b.1830-d.1830
BARBER, Sarah (i734), b.1682-d.1779
BARBER, Sarah (i7188), b.1836-
BARBER, Sarah (i7396)
BARBER, Sarah (i7421), b.1754-
BARBER, Sarah (i7482), b.1719-d.1760
BARBER, Sarah (i7669), b.1770-
BARBER, Sarah (i7673)
BARBER, Sarah (i8707), b.1810-
BARBER, Sarah (i8718), b.1848-
BARBER, Sarah (i8719), b.1850-
BARBER, Sarah Elizabeth (i7458), b.1829-d.1921
BARBER, Sarah Louise (i8652), b.1817-
BARBER, Silas (i7746), b.1873-
BARBER, Silas Bitgood (i7741), b.1848-
BARBER, Simeon H. (i213)
BARBER, Simis (i5499), b.1838-
BARBER, Smith (i7596), b.1760-d.1847
BARBER, Solomon (i7454), b.1823-
BARBER, Solomon (i9183), b.1823-d.1862
BARBER, Solomon (i9192), b.1856-
BARBER, Son (i6975), b.1837-
BARBER, Son (i8019), b.1834-
BARBER, Stillman (i7453), b.1821-d.1907
BARBER, Susan (?) (marriage to Ruland Wetherby BARBER) (i7007), b.1903-d.1975
BARBER, Susan Caroline (i7712), b.1841-d.1906
BARBER, Susan Esther (i8713), b.1826-
BARBER, Susan F. (i724), b.1837-d.1919
BARBER, Susan Lynn (i8603) (still alive)
BARBER, Susannah (i137), b.1737-d.1776
BARBER, Susannah (i711), b.1798-d.1881
BARBER, Susannah (i743), b.1697-d.1755
BARBER, Susannah (i7499), b.1727-d.1782
BARBER, Susannah (i7515), b.1724-d.1765
BARBER, Susannah (i7578), b.1758-d.1849
BARBER, Susannah (i7597), b.1764-d.1845
BARBER, Suzanne (i9212) (still alive)
BARBER, Thankful (i139), b.1745-
BARBER, Thankful (i6530), b.1759-d.1847
BARBER, Thankful (i7557), b.1817-
BARBER, Thankful (i8635), b.1804-d.1871
BARBER, Theda (i6934)
BARBER, Theda (i7431), b.1785-
BARBER, Thomas (i102), b.1804-d.1842
BARBER, Thomas (i115), b.1731-d.1796
BARBER, Thomas (i118), b.1762-d.1837
BARBER, Thomas (i131), b.1699-d.1762
BARBER, Thomas (i703), b.1783-
BARBER, Thomas (i4477), b.1565-
BARBER, Thomas (i8660), b.1788-
BARBER, Thomas (i8674), b.1799-d.1861
BARBER, Thomas (i8706), b.1809-d.1883
BARBER, Thomas Anthony III (i89) (still alive)
BARBER, Thomas Anthony Jr. (i83) (still alive)
BARBER, Thomas Anthony, Sr. (i27), b.1920-d.1980
BARBER, Thomas Ashley (i8607) (still alive)
BARBER, Thomas Clarke (i7714), b.1798-d.1872
BARBER, Thomas James (i8638), b.1807-
BARBER, Thomas Jefferson (i7740), b.1845-d.1937
BARBER, Thomas Stanton (i8715), b.1842-
BARBER, Timothy Champlin (i8655), b.1802-
BARBER, Trevor William (i4330) (still alive)
BARBER, Twin 1 (i8987), b.1885-
BARBER, Twin 2 (i8988), b.1885-
BARBER, Verna Adnora (i8995), b.1908-
BARBER, Vernum Kenyon (i112), b.1808-d.1880
BARBER, Walter Ormsbee (i7466), b.1888-
BARBER, Warren Gould (i7247), b.1842-
BARBER, Washington (i7733), b.1807-
BARBER, Wayne Everett (i9201), b.1913-
BARBER, Wealthy Ann (i713), b.1802-
BARBER, Weeden (i7418), b.1750-
BARBER, Weeden Jr. (i731), b.1802-d.1860
BARBER, Wendy (i9202)
BARBER, Wilbur (i8980), b.1891-
BARBER, William (i31), b.1884-d.1884
BARBER, William (i674)
BARBER, William (i733), b.1680-d.1748
BARBER, William (i4470)
BARBER, William (i4476)
BARBER, William (i7415), b.1747-
BARBER, William (i7640), b.1707-d.1787
BARBER, William (i8664), b.1797-
BARBER, William (i9324), b.1831-
BARBER, William Alonzo (i5489), b.1843-d.1913
BARBER, William Alonzo (i6985), b.1910-d.1986
BARBER, William Beaton (i110), b.1800-
BARBER, William D. (i7180), b.1823-
BARBER, William Dennison (i8711), b.1821-
BARBER, William Frank (i7565)
BARBER, William Hillary (i9185), b.1842-
BARBER, William James "Bill" (i11) (still alive)
BARBER, William Lewis (i8989), b.1886-
BARBER, William Richard (i7172), b.1895-
BARBER, Wilson (i8671), b.1780-
BARBER, Zebulon (i121), b.1755-
BARBER, Zebulon (i136), b.1736-d.1761


BARKER, Mary (marriage to Keith Dahl BEHNY) (i7128), b.1914-d.1989


BARNEY, Jonathon (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i671)
BARNEY, Mary (marriage to Thomas BARBER) (i116), b.1735-d.1819
BARNEY, Mr. ? (marriage to Mary GREENE) (i7626)


BARTHOLOMEW, Connor Robert (i7308) (still alive)
BARTHOLOMEW, Dina Lorene (i4603) (still alive)
BARTHOLOMEW, Hally Elizabeth (i4601) (still alive)
BARTHOLOMEW, Layne Allyn (i4599) (still alive)


BATER, John (marriage to Ann Eliza JAMES) (i7617)


BATES, Dorcas (marriage to Samuel BARBER) (i7704)


BAXTER, Beatrice (i700) (still alive)
BAXTER, Henry (marriage to Almira A. COLEGROVE) (i695)
BAXTER, Henry L. III (i698)
BAXTER, Henry L. Jr. (i696)


BECKER, Jacob (marriage to Amelia BARBER) (i9285)


BEEBOUT, Elizabeth Euphemia (marriage to Frederick W. BARBER) (i8992), b.1879-d.1927


BEHNY, Angela Sharese (i7142) (still alive)
BEHNY, Barbara A. (i8906), b.1928-
BEHNY, Benson Eugene (i7124), b.1907-d.1981
BEHNY, Edward (i7266) (still alive)
BEHNY, Elma (?) (marriage to John Marvin BEHNY) (i7274), b.1906-d.1972
BEHNY, Eveline (i7127), b.1910-d.2006
BEHNY, Gina Annette (i7146) (still alive)
BEHNY, Jack K. (i7150) (still alive)
BEHNY, John Marvin (i7273), b.1904-d.1968
BEHNY, Keith Dahl (i7126), b.1908-d.1975
BEHNY, Kenneth Daniel (i7125), b.1908-d.1941
BEHNY, Laura (i7265) (still alive)
BEHNY, Marilyn S. (i7151), b.1935-d.2005
BEHNY, Mark (i7264) (still alive)
BEHNY, Pat (i7152), b.1937-d.2003
BEHNY, Robert Craig (i7129) (still alive)
BEHNY, Sharese Nichole (i7143) (still alive)
BEHNY, William Ernest (marriage to Elizabeth May WITT) (i4462), b.1879-d.1946


BELCHER, Elizabeth (marriage to Lt. Col. Moses BARBER) (i7442), b.1787-d.1847


BELMONT, Mr. ? (marriage to Caroline Slidell PERRY) (i7036)


BENTLEY, Abigail (i7525)
BENTLEY, Abigail (i7529)
BENTLEY, Caleb (i7528)
BENTLEY, Caleb (i7532)
BENTLEY, Elizabeth (i7527)
BENTLEY, Ezekeil (i7530)
BENTLEY, George (i7526)
BENTLEY, George (marriage to Ruth BARBER) (i754), b.1705-d.1802
BENTLEY, John (i7523), b.1726-
BENTLEY, Mary (i7524)
BENTLEY, Mercy (i7531)
BENTLEY, Ruth (i7533)


BEODDY, Nicole Lynn (i8301) (still alive)
BEODDY, Stacey Renea (i8302) (still alive)


BEROICH, Dolly (marriage to John C. BARBER) (i7195) (living status unknown)


BETTS, Donald C. (marriage to Dorothy W. "Dortha" WITT) (i4453), b.1905-d.1977


BIRD, Jesse Allan (i3818) (still alive)
BIRD, Shanan Michael (i3819) (still alive)


BITGOOD, Susan (marriage to Silas Bitgood BARBER) (i7744)
BITGOOD, Susan Diane (marriage to Aaron BARBER) (i7738), b.1822-d.1905


BOHOL, Catharine (marriage to Silas COLEGROVE) (i702) (living status unknown)


BONDY, Samantha Josephine Kindenomoquah (marriage to John Addison WITT) (i4459), b.1876-d.1940


BORTON, Mildred Evelyn (marriage to Raymond Edward COY) (i922), b.1915-d.2007


BOSCH, Brandon Michael (i4523) (still alive)
BOSCH, Bryan Thomas (i4524) (still alive)
BOSCH, Claudia Ann (i4437) (still alive)
BOSCH, Erin Kay (i4528) (still alive)
BOSCH, Hannah Lynne (i4530) (still alive)
BOSCH, Keith Owen (i4438) (still alive)
BOSCH, Neal Arthur (i4436) (still alive)
BOSCH, Sarah Lynne (i4529) (still alive)


BOSS, Susannah (marriage to Benjamin BARBER) (i7577)


BOWMAN, Earl (marriage to Rhea Mable SALTZ) (i8850)
BOWMAN, Earl W., Jr. (i8867) (still alive)
BOWMAN, Kimberly Ann (i8882) (still alive)
BOWMAN, Linda Sue (i8883) (still alive)
BOWMAN, Mary Michelle (i8881) (still alive)
BOWMAN, Minnie E. (marriage to Raymond Floyd WITT) (i7130), b.1900-d.1985
BOWMAN, Susan Faye (i8866) (still alive)


BRAMBLEY, Amelia (marriage to Israel BARBER) (i677) (living status unknown)


BRETELBAUGH, Bonnie L. (i9343) (living status unknown)
BRETELBAUGH, Juria (i9342) (living status unknown)
BRETELBAUGH, Mr. ? (marriage to Eveline F. BARBER) (i9341)


BRIGGS, Charity (marriage to Edward BARBER) (i7503)
BRIGGS, Louise (marriage to Charles Henry BARBER) (i7723)
BRIGGS, William (marriage to Electra Chapman BAKER) (i7610), d.1884


BROWN, Betsey (marriage to Abial BARBER) (i718) (living status unknown)
BROWN, Charles Franklin (i243), b.1883-d.1942
BROWN, Della (?) (marriage to Charles Franklin BROWN) (i4531)
BROWN, Everett (i244), b.1903-
BROWN, Franklin W. "Frank" Jr. (marriage to Laura L. BARBER) (i241), b.1854-d.1929
BROWN, Lucille Marie (i5481), b.1914-d.1988
BROWN, Sarah Ellen (marriage to Allen BARBER) (i8644), b.1843-


BROWNE, Josephine Taylor (marriage to Henry L. Jr. BAXTER) (i697)


BRUMLEY, Mary (marriage to Bradford Kenyon BARBER) (i6987), b.1826-d.1876


BURDICK, Mary (marriage to Joseph WILCOX) (i7481)
BURDICK, Oliver (marriage to Susannah WILCOX) (i7479)


BURGBACHER, Arno H. (marriage to Osa WITT) (i4445), b.1885-d.1960
BURGBACHER, Erdine (i4617), d.1998
BURGBACHER, Evelyn (i4621) (still alive)


BURKE, Daniel (marriage to Naomi T. BARBER) (i239), b.1886-


BURKMIRE, Modonna C. (marriage to Albert Clinton COY) (i7137), b.1915-


BURLINGHAM, Sarah Rosetta (marriage to Isaac James BARBER) (i66), b.1857-d.1922


BURNS, Emily Nicole (i3863) (still alive)


BURRAS, Nancy (marriage to John BARBER) (i7169), b.1803-d.1883


CAMERON, John (marriage to Rachel BARBER) (i9283)


CAMPBELL, Beverly Ann (i3858) (still alive)
CAMPBELL, David Alex (i3860) (still alive)
CAMPBELL, Kathy Kay (i3857) (still alive)
CAMPBELL, Larry Lee (i3856) (still alive)
CAMPBELL, Matthew Allen (i3861) (still alive)


CARD, Tacy C. (marriage to Weeden Jr. BARBER) (i8628), b.1807-


CARPENTER, Fenix (i7395)
CARPENTER, Joseph (marriage to Mercy BARBER) (i7394)


CARR, Walter Albert (marriage to Effie Leonora GAMBLE) (i6964), b.1875-d.1952


CARTER, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph BARBER) (i9270)


CAUGHEY, James (i8984), b.1887-
CAUGHEY, Mr. ? (marriage to Nettie Virginia BARBER) (i8983)


CHAPMAN, Ann (marriage to Lt. Col. Moses BARBER) (i7436), b.1781-d.1808


CHASE, Helen Jean (marriage to Ray Edwin BARBER) (i9205), b.1909-


CHICHESTER, Martha M. (marriage to Alva OLMSTEAD) (i772) (living status unknown)


CHILD, Alfred Bosworth (marriage to Polly BARBER) (i8693), b.1796-
CHILD, Asa Thomas (i8705), b.1841-
CHILD, Emeline (marriage to Alanson BARBER) (i6277), b.1815-d.1892
CHILD, Hannah Pauline (i8701), b.1828-
CHILD, Icabod (i8695), b.1818-
CHILD, John Lonson (i8702), b.1830-
CHILD, Joseph (i8697), b.1820-
CHILD, Mark Alfred (i8699), b.1823-
CHILD, Mary (i8696), b.1819-
CHILD, Myron Barber (i8700), b.1825-
CHILD, Orville Renssalaer (i8704), b.1838-
CHILD, Phebe Wooster (i8703), b.1832-d.1917
CHILD, Polly Ann (i8698), b.1821-
CHILD, Warren Gould (i8694), b.1835-


CHISTER, VanRenseller (marriage to Polly OLMSTEAD) (i773) (living status unknown)


CIRA, Samantha Marie (i3875) (still alive)
CIRA, Sophia Christiane (i6677) (still alive)
CIRA, Spencer Gregory (i4598) (still alive)
CIRA, Sydney Angelina (i4274) (still alive)


CLAIR, Viola (marriage to Burton Charles BAKER) (i6966), b.1900-


CLARK, James (i9513), b.1939-d.1940
CLARK, Royal Charles (i9512) (still alive)
CLARK, Royal Franklin (marriage to Mary Elizabeth "Bess" GAMBLE) (i9420), b.1881-d.1931
CLARK, Ruth Lora (i9421), b.1913-d.1996
CLARK, Sally Ann (i9514) (still alive)
CLARK, Warren Gamble (i9510), b.1908-d.1958


CLARKE, Hannah Elizabeth (marriage to Henry Clarke BARBER) (i7717), b.1825-d.1854
CLARKE, Mary (marriage to Moses BARBER Jr.) (i7706), d.1854
CLARKE, Thomas (marriage to Bridget BARBER) (i7648), b.1706-d.1786


CLAYTON, Muriel "Suzie" (marriage to Moardecai Maynard "Tony" SWANK) (i6587), b.1906-d.1973


CLINE, Adelle (i251), b.1901-d.1903
CLINE, Jarius (marriage to Ellen Jane "Jen" BARBER) (i250), b.1876-d.1936


COAD, Eunice (marriage to Warren Alonzo COCHRAN) (i9489)


COCHRAN, Betty Calista (i9490) (living status unknown)
COCHRAN, Eleanore (i9493), b.1900-d.1953
COCHRAN, Esther (i9486), b.1894-d.1949
COCHRAN, Ethel Mae (i9483), b.1919-
COCHRAN, James (i9484), b.1924-
COCHRAN, James Elliot (i9481), b.1892-
COCHRAN, Margaret (marriage to William C. GAMBLE) (i9499)
COCHRAN, Pearl Elliot (marriage to Jennie Abernethy GAMBLE) (i9469), b.1870-d.1937
COCHRAN, Phyllis (i9491) (living status unknown)
COCHRAN, Warren (i9492) (living status unknown)
COCHRAN, Warren Alonzo (i9488), b.1895-


COIL, Michael Shane (i1257) (still alive)
COIL, Nichole Lynn (i1258) (still alive)


COINER, Fred (marriage to Eunice A. WITT) (i4465)


COLEGROVE, Almira A. (i694), b.1846-
COLEGROVE, Andrew (i685), b.1764-d.1814
COLEGROVE, Clarissa (?) (marriage to Samuel Francis COLEGROVE) (i687)
COLEGROVE, Dinah (i692), b.1775-
COLEGROVE, Hannah (i690), b.1771-
COLEGROVE, Jeremiah (marriage to Susannah BARBER) (i675), b.1737-
COLEGROVE, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Arnold BARBER) (i729) (living status unknown)
COLEGROVE, Samuel Francis (i686), b.1767-d.1854
COLEGROVE, Samuel Jr. (i688), b.1805-
COLEGROVE, Silas (i689), b.1769-d.1853
COLEGROVE, Susannah (i691), b.1773-
COLEGROVE, William (i683), b.1760-
COLEGROVE, Zebulon (i684)


CONGDON, Susan (marriage to Thomas Clarke BARBER) (i7715), d.1893


COOK, Anna (?) (marriage to Preston BARBER) (i216), b.1789-d.1856


COREN, Verna (marriage to James Elliot COCHRAN) (i9485)


COREY, Anne (marriage to Samuel BARBER) (i762), b.1698-d.1760


CORWIN, Wendell (marriage to Margaret GAMBLE) (i9473), d.1974


COULTER, Grace M. (marriage to James Gabriel MILLER) (i7115), b.1896-


COY, Albert Clinton (i4532), b.1915-
COY, Betty Jean (i4534) (still alive)
COY, Charlie Edward (marriage to Emma Mae SIGG) (i920), b.1893-d.1968
COY, Harlan Monroe (i4533), b.1917-
COY, Jean Marie (i923) (still alive)
COY, Raymond Edward (i921), b.1914-d.1998
COY, Robert (i924) (still alive)
COY, Robert "Rob" Edward (i4605) (still alive)
COY, Rosemary (i7138), b.1943-


CRAIG, Mary Francis "Fanny" (marriage to John Child BARBER) (i7253), b.1845-


CRANDALL, Mary "Polly" (marriage to Benjamin B. BARBER Sr) (i107), b.1774-d.1863
CRANDALL, Mary (marriage to Moses BARBER) (i9558)
CRANDALL, Nancy Irene (marriage to Samuel Andrew BARBER) (i9557)
CRANDALL, Ruth (marriage to Reynolds BARBER) (i7591)


CROSS, Abby (marriage to Zebulon BARBER) (i679) (living status unknown)


CURTIS, Barnay (i7215), b.1883-
CURTIS, Barnay C. (marriage to Jennie BARBER) (i7214)
CURTIS, Berton C. (i7216), b.1885-
CURTIS, Lois M. (i7217), b.1889-


DANIELS, Lucy Ellen (marriage to Frederick Wetherby BARBER) (i6971), b.1901-d.1984


DAVIS, John (marriage to Susan F. BARBER) (i725)


DAWLEY, Alcea (marriage to Reynolds BARBER) (i7592)


DEAKE, Anna (marriage to Ichabod BARBER) (i808), b.1779-d.1853


DEHAUS, Josephine Barbara "Josie" (marriage to Charles Delbert "Red" BARBER) (i8), b.1889-d.1985


DETER, Barbara Jean, REUTER (i8851) (still alive)
DETER, Betty Ann (i8870) (still alive)
DETER, John, REUTER (i8854) (living status unknown)
DETER, John, REUTER (i8873) (still alive)
DETER, Mary Lou (i8869) (still alive)
DETER, Michael (i8852) (still alive)
DETER, Patty, REUTER (i8853) (still alive)
DETER, Robert (i8871) (still alive)
DETER, Robert E. (marriage to Olga Yvonne SALTZ) (i8848), b.1912-d.1992
DETER, Sandy, REUTER (i8855) (living status unknown)
DETER, Steven (i8872), b.1951-d.1952


DEVERE, Vera A. (marriage to Dallas Arthur BARBER) (i8013), b.1894-d.1977


DEVONCHI, Elizabeth Louise (marriage to Moardecai Maynard "Tony" SWANK) (i4467), b.1897-d.1974


DEWOLF, Sarah Ann (marriage to Jefferson BARBER) (i9550), d.1879


DOMINICK, Mary (marriage to Isaac BARBER) (i9264)


DOWNING, Eleanor (marriage to Rev. Edward BARBER) (i7684)


DOYLE, Kelly Alice (i95) (still alive)
DOYLE, Ryan Allen (i94) (still alive)
DOYLE, Stacey ANN (i93) (still alive)


DRAKE, Carrie H. (marriage to Franklin L. BARBER) (i8016)


DUBOIS, Henry (marriage to Mary Emeline BARBER) (i9327)


DUCATT, Jay B. (marriage to Ellen M. "Ella" WITT) (i4447), b.1897-d.1982


DURHAM, Uzzih (marriage to Ruth BARBER) (i8015)


DURKEE, Frederick Kenneth "Rich" (i9523) (still alive)
DURKEE, Kenneth (marriage to Elizabeth INGHAM) (i9522)
DURKEE, Robert Arthur (i9524) (still alive)


EBLE, Julia Cecilia (marriage to Charles Franklin BROWN) (i928), b.1883-d.1975


ELDRED, Elizabeth (marriage to Moses Jr. BARBER) (i739), b.1687-d.1728


Eldridge, Mr. ? (marriage to Amie BARBER) (i7600)


ELLIOTT, William E. (marriage to Catherine Ann BARBER) (i240), b.1860-d.1923


ENOS, Joseph (marriage to Dinah BARBER) (i669)


FARRIS, Dan (i7337) (still alive)
FARRIS, Oscar (marriage to Louise M. BARBER) (i7336)


FAY, Roena (marriage to Joel BARBER) (i7371), b.1799-


FEARNOW, Drew Conner (i7145) (still alive)


FERRIS, Carolyn Ann (i3841) (still alive)
FERRIS, Michael Joseph (i3839) (still alive)
FERRIS, Pamela Marie (i3840) (still alive)


FONT, Calista Belle (i5836) (still alive)
FONT, Chad Anthony BARBER (i190) (still alive)
FONT, Collyn Michael (i4904) (still alive)
FONT, Laura Louise (i1248) (still alive)
FONT, Sarah Josephine (i2968) (still alive)


GALL, Amanda Elizabeth (i4525) (still alive)
GALL, Deanne Lynne (i4526) (still alive)


GAMBLE, Alice (i8805), b.1878-d.1878
GAMBLE, Anita (i9501) (still alive)
GAMBLE, Ann (i9369), b.1878-d.1878
GAMBLE, Cecilia Ann (i9500) (still alive)
GAMBLE, Edith C. "Pete" (i6962), b.1915-
GAMBLE, Effie Leonora (i6954), b.1876-d.1944
GAMBLE, Ella Calista (i6959), b.1910-
GAMBLE, Ernest James (i6952), b.1867-d.1925
GAMBLE, James (i9470), b.1902-d.1937
GAMBLE, James (i9509) (still alive)
GAMBLE, James C. (marriage to Cordelia Calista BARBER) (i2398), b.1840-d.1913
GAMBLE, Jennie Abernethy (i6963), b.1870-d.1950
GAMBLE, Joan (i9508) (still alive)
GAMBLE, John Ralph (i9476), b.1919-d.1984
GAMBLE, Laura Eva (i6958), b.1884-d.1976
GAMBLE, Margaret (i9472), b.1905-d.1976
GAMBLE, Mark (i9502) (still alive)
GAMBLE, Mary Elizabeth "Bess" (i6957), b.1880-d.1973
GAMBLE, Minerva Calista (i6953), b.1872-d.1967
GAMBLE, Robert E. (i9474), b.1908-d.1973
GAMBLE, Sarah Jane (i9479) (still alive)
GAMBLE, Susan Ann (i9370) (still alive)
GAMBLE, Warren Alonzo, Jr. (i6961), b.1918-d.2003
GAMBLE, Warren Alonzo, Sr. (i6955), b.1874-d.1966
GAMBLE, William C. (i6960), b.1912-


GANNON, Amanda Annette (i7148) (still alive)
GANNON, Bradley James (i7149) (still alive)


GARDINER, Dorcas (marriage to Edward PERRY) (i7506)
GARDINER, George (marriage to Tabitha TEFFT) (i5096)


GARDNER, Abner (marriage to Harriet BARBER) (i9278)
GARDNER, John (marriage to Glovina BARBER) (i9274)


GAVITT, Louisa (marriage to Peleg Sherman BARBER) (i717), b.1783-


GIBBS, Rebecca (marriage to Hiram BARBER) (i9276)


GIFFORD, Hazel Jean (marriage to Ray Edwin BARBER) (i9203)


GINGRICH, Charles Foster (marriage to Flora Anna BARBER) (i54), b.1879-d.1928
GINGRICH, Paul R. "Mike" (i55), b.1902-d.1965


GLEASON, John William (marriage to Celia A. BARBER) (i8996), b.1874-d.1950


GOSNELL, Daughter (i1547) (still alive)
GOSNELL, Justin (i1286) (still alive)


GRAHAM, Martha Melissa (marriage to Franklin Gay BARBER) (i8985), b.1857-d.1890


GRAYHAM, Mary Jane (marriage to Newton Ceril BARBER) (i8979), b.1866-


GREEN (E), Decacon Thomas (marriage to Dinah BARBER) (i670) (living status unknown)


GREENE, Abigail (i7632), b.1715-
GREENE, Amanda (i8687), b.1805-
GREENE, Amy (i8684), b.1800-
GREENE, Barber (i8688), b.1807-
GREENE, Bathsheba (i7635), b.1720-
GREENE, Betsy (marriage to Thomas BARBER) (i676) (living status unknown)
GREENE, Chester (i8691), b.1817-
GREENE, David (marriage to Sarah BARBER) (i738), b.1677-d.1761
GREENE, Elizabeth (i7629), b.1711-
GREENE, Jonathon (i7636), b.1722-
GREENE, Joseph (i7637), b.1724-
GREENE, Margaret (i8686), b.1803-
GREENE, Maritta (i8690), b.1813-
GREENE, Mary (i7625), b.1707-
GREENE, Mr. ? (marriage to Sarah GREENE) (i7628)
GREENE, Patience (i7638), b.1726-
GREENE, Russel (marriage to Martha BARBER) (i8683), b.1781-
GREENE, Russell (i8692), b.1819-
GREENE, Sarah (i7627), b.1709-d.1759
GREENE, Susannah (i7631), b.1713-
GREENE, Thurston (i8685), b.1801-
GREENE, Waite (i7634), b.1716-
GREENE, Willett (i8689), b.1811-


GRINDE, Bradford Irwin (i6989) (still alive)


GROVER, Carrie (i7209), b.1876-
GROVER, Charles (i7207), b.1872-
GROVER, Eliza (i7208), b.1874-
GROVER, Harry (i7212), b.1886-
GROVER, Henry (marriage to Melissa Amelia BARBER) (i7206), b.1850-
GROVER, Lillian (i7213), b.1888-
GROVER, Marie (i7211), b.1882-
GROVER, Rose (i7210), b.1878-


HACKING, John A. (marriage to Daughter BARBER) (i7725)


HALL, Mary (marriage to John BARBER) (i7642), b.1710-d.1746
HALL, Phoebe Elizabeth (marriage to Matthew Stillman BARBER) (i7553)


HALLER, Kimberly Sue (i8858) (still alive)
HALLER, Scott Edward (i8857) (still alive)


HAMILTON, Elnora (marriage to Putnam BARBER) (i9556)
HAMILTON, Jennie H. (marriage to Oscar Bradford BARBER) (i5491), b.1846-d.1910
HAMILTON, Olive Amelia (marriage to Blanchard Azaria Jenks BARBER) (i9560)


HARDESTY, Barry Allan (i4287) (still alive)
HARDESTY, Judy Ann (i4281), b.1937-d.1998
HARDESTY, Logan (i5089) (still alive)
HARDESTY, Nicholas (i5090) (still alive)
HARDESTY, Ralph Clair (marriage to Margaret Louise SPRAGUE) (i4279), b.1914-d.1962
HARDESTY, Robert Allan (i4280) (still alive)
HARDESTY, William Clair (i4286) (still alive)


HARRITT, John Doan (marriage to Florence Eugenia BARBER) (i8976), b.1846-
HARRITT, Lydia Blanche (i8977), b.1884-d.1966


HARVEY, Allen (marriage to Eveline BEHNY) (i7272)


HAUSNICK, Mary A. (marriage to Esquire OLMSTEAD) (i776) (living status unknown)


HAYNES, Carlos (marriage to Olga Yvonne SALTZ) (i8868)


HAZARD, Mercy (marriage to "Judge" Freeman PERRY) (i3227), b.1740-d.1815


HEINS, Russel (marriage to Margaret Louise SPRAGUE) (i4307)


HELMER, Aneliza (marriage to Samuel Jr. COLEGROVE) (i693)


HELZERMAN, Amy Lynn (i3849) (still alive)
HELZERMAN, Daniel Thomas (i3848) (still alive)
HELZERMAN, Richard Charles (i3846) (still alive)
HELZERMAN, Richard Charles II (i3853) (still alive)
HELZERMAN, Sarah Ann (i3854) (still alive)
HELZERMAN, Theresa Ann (i3852) (still alive)
HELZERMAN, Thomas Henry (i3845) (still alive)


HENDERSON, Benjamin Robert (i8298) (still alive)
HENDERSON, Christopher Walt (i8297) (still alive)
HENDERSON, David (i8294) (still alive)
HENDERSON, Jacob (i8306) (still alive)
HENDERSON, James (i8295) (still alive)
HENDERSON, Katheryn Sue (i8299) (still alive)
HENDERSON, Linda Sue (i8292) (still alive)
HENDERSON, Nancy (i8293) (still alive)
HENDERSON, Naomi M. (i8133), b.1922-d.1988
HENDERSON, Richard Tracy (marriage to Birdie Ann SIGG) (i8131), b.1892-d.1968
HENDERSON, Robert Charles (i8132), b.1917-d.1971
HENDERSON, Walter Franklin (i8291) (still alive)


HOFFMAN, Benjamin F. (marriage to Mary Ida WITT) (i4441), b.1868-d.1945


HOLDRIDGE, Merrill (marriage to Ophelia Adeline BARBER) (i9328)


HOLROYD, Mary S. (marriage to Joel H. BARBER) (i7373), b.1842-d.1919


HONE, Mr. ? (marriage to Jane Oliver Hazard PERRY) (i7029)


HOOCKEY, John (marriage to Elizabeth GREENE) (i7630)


HOUGHTON, Mary Arnold (marriage to Moses Jesse BARBER) (i7462)


HOUSEWICK, Louisa (marriage to Andrew J. WITT) (i2958), b.1844-


HOXSIE, Barber (marriage to Mehitabel JAMES) (i7622)
HOXSIE, Mr. ? (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i730) (living status unknown)


HULL, Perry Miller (marriage to Isadore Adele BARBER) (i6984), b.1900-d.1974


HUNTING, Mary "Polly" (marriage to Dr. Isaac BARBER) (i9261), b.1792-d.1844


HUTCHINSON, Sally (marriage to Rathbun BARBER Sr.) (i8947)


HUTTER, Phyllis (marriage to Robert E. GAMBLE) (i9475), b.1908-


IMPTON, Donnabelle (marriage to Harlan Monroe COY) (i7136)


INGHAM, Elizabeth (i9521), b.1915-d.1973
INGHAM, Harvey (marriage to Laura Eva GAMBLE) (i6965)
INGHAM, Robert (i9525), b.1918-d.2008
INGHAM, Susan Kay (i9528) (still alive)
INGHAM, William Gamble (i9527) (still alive)


JACOBSON, Anna (marriage to Ernest James GAMBLE) (i9468), b.1872-d.1944


JAMES, Ann Eliza (i7616), b.1815-
JAMES, George (marriage to Elizabeth BARBER) (i7575)
JAMES, Hazard (i7618), b.1819-
JAMES, James B. (i7614), b.1811-
JAMES, Jonathon (i7486), b.1737-
JAMES, Jonathon (i7615), b.1813-
JAMES, Jonathon (marriage to Ruth BARBER) (i7611), b.1785-
JAMES, Marvel (i7620), b.1826-
JAMES, Mary (i7613), b.1806-
JAMES, Mehitabel (i7621), b.1823-d.1849
JAMES, Moses B. (i7612), b.1806-
JAMES, Mr. ? (marriage to Anne BARBER) (i7662)
JAMES, Ruth E. (i7619), b.1818-d.1898
JAMES, Thomas (i7487), b.1739-
JAMES, Thomas (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i7485)


JOHNS, Ethel (marriage to James Elliot COCHRAN) (i9482), b.1897-d.1938


JOHNSON, Christopher Paul (i3813) (still alive)
JOHNSON, Ciri Diane (i3811) (still alive)
JOHNSON, Philip Leigh (i3812) (still alive)


JOLLY, Charles Denver (marriage to Margurite SHAWLEY) (i4591), b.1914-d.1948
JOLLY, Charles Denver, Jr (i4595) (still alive)
JOLLY, Larry (i4594) (still alive)
JOLLY, Marilyn (i4596) (still alive)


JUDSON, W. A. (marriage to Phebe Luecina BARBER) (i9326)


KASBAR, Beatrice (marriage to Henry L. III BAXTER) (i699)


KEECH, Mercy Ann (marriage to Thomas BARBER) (i103), b.1806-d.1856


KENDIG, Rosan 'Rose' G. (marriage to Orlando V. BARBER) (i233), b.1849-


KENNEDY, Katherine Mary (i101) (still alive)


KENYON, Abigail (i7598)
KENYON, Amie (i9013), b.1774-d.1853
KENYON, Amy Louise (marriage to Henry Clarke BARBER) (i7721)
KENYON, Benedict (i9011), b.1768-d.1852
KENYON, Bennedict (marriage to Amie BARBER) (i7692)
KENYON, Betsey (i9014), b.1778-
KENYON, Christopher (i8680)
KENYON, Corey (i7705), b.1773-d.1861
KENYON, David (marriage to Thankful BARBER) (i8636), b.1800-
KENYON, Edie (i9007), b.1760-
KENYON, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel BARBER) (i7700)
KENYON, Enoch (i8679)
KENYON, George (i9015), b.1780-
KENYON, John (i9012), b.1771-d.1831
KENYON, Joshua B. (i8637), b.1822-
KENYON, Lodewick (marriage to Mercy BARBER) (i678)
KENYON, Lodowick (i8681)
KENYON, Martha (i8678)
KENYON, Mary (i9016), b.1780-
KENYON, Mr. ? (marriage to Susannah BARBER) (i714)
KENYON, Peleg (marriage to Jonna BARBER) (i7541)
KENYON, Remington (i9009), b.1764-d.1843
KENYON, Robert (marriage to Ruth BARBER) (i7543), d.1805
KENYON, Ruth (i8677)
KENYON, Samuel (i9008), b.1762-d.1822
KENYON, Silas (i9010), b.1766-d.1857
KENYON, Sylvester (marriage to Anne BARBER) (i752), b.1710-d.1800
KENYON, Thomas Barber (i8682), b.1780-


KILGORE, Louise I. (i8340) (still alive)


KOSIER, Arthur Barton "Bart" (i6522) (still alive)
KOSIER, Deloris (i4619) (still alive)
KOSIER, Kelly (i7112) (still alive)
KOSIER, Kenneth (marriage to Erdine BURGBACHER) (i4618), b.1901-d.1984
KOSIER, Kenneth Gary (i6521) (still alive)


KROHN, Dr. Irwin Kjelland (marriage to Isadore Adele BARBER) (i6980), b.1899-d.1951
KROHN, Dr. John Irwin (i6981), b.1929-d.1965
KROHN, Frederick (i6983), b.1932-d.1934
KROHN, Virginia (i6982) (still alive)


LAFALLOTTE, Sarabeth Nicole (i8288) (still alive)


LALIBERTE, Jennifer Alyce (i98) (still alive)
LALIBERTE, Matthew Thomas (i99) (still alive)
LALIBERTE, Philip John (i97) (still alive)


LAMKIN, Mr. ? (marriage to Martha BARBER) (i779) (living status unknown)


LAMPHERE, Davis (marriage to Nancy BARBER) (i7564)


LANPHERE, Stephen (marriage to Thankful BARBER) (i7560)


LARKIN, Mary (marriage to Moses Jr. BARBER) (i1366), b.1709-


LAUGHLIN, Richard (marriage to Pat BEHNY) (i7153) (living status unknown)


LAWTON, Mary V. (marriage to William Alonzo BARBER) (i6807), b.1845-d.1882


LEWIS, Abigail (marriage to Daniel BARBER) (i7167), b.1776-d.1860
LEWIS, Eleanor (marriage to Josiah BARBER) (i7584)
LEWIS, Hannah (i667), d.1871
LEWIS, Hannah (marriage to Deacon Weeden BARBER) (i667), d.1871
LEWIS, James (marriage to Thankful BARBER) (i665) (living status unknown)
LEWIS, James (marriage to Thankful BARBER) (i6531), b.1745-d.1826
LEWIS, Jonathan (marriage to Sarah BARBER) (i7483)
LEWIS, Roxanna Amy (marriage to Thomas James BARBER) (i8639), b.1818-
LEWIS, Thankful (i666)
LEWIS, Thankful (marriage to Samuel BARBER) (i666)


LILLIBRIDGE, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin BARBER) (i7659), b.1727-d.1758


LLOYD, Corrillia 'Rillie' Blanch (i64), b.1879-d.1958
LLOYD, Forrest Park (i63), b.1874-d.1880
LLOYD, Frank A. (marriage to Mary Adeline "Addie" BARBER) (i61), b.1850-
LLOYD, Jessie Isabel (i62), b.1872-d.1945
LLOYD, John (i65), b.1880-d.1900
LLOYD, Mr. ? (marriage to Lucinda BARBER) (i778) (living status unknown)


LOSEE, Rachel (marriage to Moses BARBER) (i9249), b.1747-


LOVEJOY, Edward (marriage to Susan Caroline BARBER) (i7713)


MADDEN, Mary Margaret (marriage to Thomas Anthony BARBER Sr.) (i82), b.1921-d.1969


MALLEY, Lucile S. (marriage to John Lyman BARBER Sr.) (i8602), b.1906-d.1999


MASON, Elizabeth Champlain (marriage to Commodore Oliver Hazard PERRY) (i5510), d.1879


MATTISON, Abby (marriage to John L. BARBER) (i8650)


MAXON, Thankful (marriage to Captain Nathan BARBER) (i6529), b.1737-d.1806


MAZZA, Harold (marriage to Edith C. "Pete" GAMBLE) (i9504)
MAZZA, John Gamble (i9505) (still alive)
MAZZA, Robert Gamble (i9506) (still alive)


MCDONELL, Eva (marriage to Warren Gamble CLARK) (i9511), b.1909-d.1995


MCMANUS, William (marriage to Maria BARBER) (i8676)


MCMILLIAN, Imogene (marriage to John Ralph GAMBLE) (i9477) (living status unknown)


MEEK, Authur (i307), b.1875-d.1875
MEEK, Carrie E. (?) (marriage to Verl Wood MEEK) (i6928), b.1877-d.1965
MEEK, John E. Sr. (marriage to Ellen Viola BARBER) (i296), b.1836-d.1921
MEEK, John E. Sr. (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i296), b.1836-d.1921
MEEK, Verl Wood (i299), b.1879-d.1969


MERRIOTT, Hannah (marriage to Benjamin Perry BARBER) (i7545), b.1781-d.1855


MILLER, Amy W. (marriage to James Bradford BARBER) (i70), b.1875-
MILLER, Anna Adaline (marriage to Carl Franklin MILLER) (i3003), b.1902-d.1986
MILLER, Barbara Adeline (marriage to John Charles BARBER) (i6), b.1859-d.1925
MILLER, Bernard Victor (i2765), b.1904-d.1936
MILLER, Candace May (i3834) (still alive)
MILLER, Carl Franklin (i2736), b.1901-d.1989
MILLER, Charles Fredrick (marriage to Margaret Ann BARBER) (i2734), b.1868-d.1950
MILLER, Craig Allen (i3837) (still alive)
MILLER, David Carl (i3827) (still alive)
MILLER, Dorthy Rose (i2738) (still alive)
MILLER, Ethel Idona (i2737), b.1898-d.1989
MILLER, Gabriel Mongosa (marriage to Caroline Singoquah WITT) (i4457), d.1895
MILLER, James Gabriel (i7114), b.1893-
MILLER, Margie Mae (i2739), b.1921-d.2006
MILLER, Melvin (i7116), b.1921-
MILLER, Morgan Marcella (i3824) (still alive)
MILLER, Richard Carl (i3004) (still alive)
MILLER, Roger Don (i3005) (still alive)
MILLER, Roger Don III (i3832) (still alive)
MILLER, Roger Don Jr. (i3826) (still alive)
MILLER, Shannon Marie (i3844) (still alive)
MILLER, Sharon (i3830) (still alive)
MILLER, Sharon Marie (i3836) (still alive)
MILLER, Travis Mitchell (i3843) (still alive)
MILLER, Tyson Alan (i3821) (still alive)
MILLER, Virginia (i3829) (still alive)
MILLER, Walter Gale (i2735), b.1909-d.1996


MOON, Desire (marriage to Benjamin BARBER) (i7665)


MOORE, Amy (i7494)
MOORE, David (i7492)
MOORE, David (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i7488)
MOORE, Elizabeth (i7493)
MOORE, John (i7496)
MOORE, John (i7497)
MOORE, Mary (i7495)
MOORE, Mercy (i7491)
MOORE, Phebe (i7490), b.1767-
MOORE, Silas (i7489), b.1759-


MORSE, Hannah (marriage to Benjamin BARBER) (i7686)


MOSHER, Brenda Lee (i8876) (still alive)
MOSHER, Infant (i8875), b.1959-
MOSHER, Larry Lee (i8865) (still alive)
MOSHER, Larry Lee, Jr. (i8877) (still alive)
MOSHER, Lee (marriage to Rhea Mable SALTZ) (i8864)
MOSHER, Scott Lee (i8878), b.1972-


MOTT, Dorcas (marriage to John BARBER) (i7644)


MOWRY, Benjamin (marriage to Lydia BARBER) (i807)


MUMFORD, ? (marriage to James BARBER) (i7410), d.1748
MUMFORD, Abigail (marriage to Samuel BARBER) (i7388)
MUMFORD, Sarah (marriage to William BARBER) (i736), b.1696-d.1748
MUMFORD, Sarah (marriage to William BARBER) (i9246)


MURRAY, Mary Ann (marriage to Franklin Gay BARBER) (i8991), b.1861-d.1946


NEEDHAM, William (marriage to Eveline BEHNY) (i8860), b.1909-d.1976


NEWTON, Metta (marriage to Burton Samuel BARBER) (i7240)


NICHOLS, Elizabeth (marriage to Zebulon BARBER) (i672)


NICKLES, JEFFREY (i8304) (still alive)


NILES, Abilgail (marriage to Moses BARBER) (i7695)
NILES, Elizabeth (marriage to Caleb BARBER) (i7671), d.1781


NORTHRUP, Anthony (marriage to Marvel BARBER) (i7605), b.1770-d.1847
NORTHRUP, Mr. ? (marriage to Nancy BAKER) (i7608)


NYE, Gertrude (marriage to Warren Alonzo GAMBLE Jr.) (i9507) (living status unknown)


O'SHEA, Virginia (marriage to Bert Newton "Newt" BARBER) (i7241)


OLMSTEAD, Alva (i764), b.1827-
OLMSTEAD, Anson (i768), b.1840-
OLMSTEAD, Edward (i769), b.1842-
OLMSTEAD, Esquire (i771), b.1848-
OLMSTEAD, Frederick (i766), b.1834-
OLMSTEAD, Polly (i765), b.1830-
OLMSTEAD, Sarah (?) (marriage to Frederick OLMSTEAD) (i774) (living status unknown)
OLMSTEAD, Sarah Anna (?) (i770), b.1845-
OLMSTEAD, Sarah Anna (?) (marriage to Wm. Thomas OLMSTEAD) (i770), b.1845-
OLMSTEAD, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth BARBER) (i209), b.1806-
OLMSTEAD, Wm. Thomas (i767), b.1838-
OLMSTEAD, Wm. Thomas (marriage to Sarah Anna (?) OLMSTEAD) (i767), b.1838-


OLSON, Maria E. (marriage to Horace Parker BARBER) (i9196), b.1864-


OUTLAND, Oris (marriage to Margaret Louise SPRAGUE) (i4284)


PARKER, Mary (marriage to Solomon BARBER) (i9184), b.1821-
PARKER, Thomas (marriage to Martha BARBER) (i755), b.1699-d.1773


PARTEE, Nancy Ann (marriage to Alonzo Crandall BARBER) (i229), b.1827-


PAYNE, Elisha Howard (i7022), b.1851-d.1852
PAYNE, Flora (i7020), b.1842-
PAYNE, Harry B. (marriage to Mary PERRY) (i7017)
PAYNE, Henry Wilson (i7021), b.1845-
PAYNE, Mary Perry (i7023), b.1854-d.1898
PAYNE, Nathan Perry (i7019), b.1837-d.1885
PAYNE, Oliver Hazard (i7018), b.1839-d.1917


PECKHAM, Timothy (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i7539)


PEEPER, Anna (i273) (still alive)
PEEPER, Kelly Sue (i269) (still alive)
PEEPER, Michael Jr. (i271) (still alive)
PEEPER, Sara (i272) (still alive)


PERKINS, Grace (marriage to Charles Pressley RICE) (i819), b.1904-d.1980


PERRY, "Judge" Freeman (i3215), b.1733-
PERRY, Anna Maria (i5348), b.1787-d.1856
PERRY, Anna Rodgers (i7038), b.1838-d.1839
PERRY, Benjamin (i3213), b.1729-
PERRY, Benjamin (i7508)
PERRY, Benjamin (marriage to Susannah BARBER) (i761), b.1677-d.1748
PERRY, Caroline Slidell (i7035), b.1829-d.1892
PERRY, Christopher Grant (i8594), b.1812-d.1857
PERRY, Christopher Raymond (i3230), b.1760-d.1818
PERRY, Commodore Oliver Hazard (i3235), b.1785-d.1819
PERRY, Edward (i3214), b.1731-
PERRY, Eliazbeth (i3231), b.1762-
PERRY, Elizabeth Mason (i8597), b.1819-d.1842
PERRY, George (i7509)
PERRY, Geroge Hazard (i3234), d.1815
PERRY, Isabella Bolton (i7037), b.1834-d.1912
PERRY, James Alexander (i5350), b.1801-d.1822
PERRY, Jane Oliver Hazard (i7028), b.1819-d.1882
PERRY, Jane Tweedy (i5349), b.1799-d.1875
PERRY, John Slidell (i7025), b.1816-d.1817
PERRY, Joshua (i3228), b.1756-
PERRY, Mary (i3225), b.1735-
PERRY, Mary (i3232)
PERRY, Mary (i7016)
PERRY, Mary (marriage to Benjamin BARBER) (i759)
PERRY, Matthew C., Jr. (i7030), b.1821-d.1873
PERRY, Matthew Calbraith (i5347), b.1794-d.1858
PERRY, Nathaniel Hazard (i5351), b.1802-d.1832
PERRY, Oliver Hazard (i3229), d.1783
PERRY, Oliver Hazard (i7033), b.1825-d.1870
PERRY, Oliver Hazard (i8595), b.1813-d.1814
PERRY, Oliver Hazard (i8596), b.1815-d.1878
PERRY, Raymond Henry Jones (i5345), b.1789-d.1836
PERRY, Sarah (i7026), b.1818-
PERRY, Sarah Wallace (i5346), b.1791-d.1851
PERRY, Susan (i3233), d.1815
PERRY, Susan M. (i7032), b.1824-d.1825
PERRY, Susanna (i3226), b.1735-
PERRY, Susannah (i7510)
PERRY, William Frederick (i7034), b.1828-d.1884


PHILIPPI, Ralph (marriage to Ella Calista GAMBLE) (i9496)
PHILIPPI, Ruth (i9497) (living status unknown)
PHILIPPI, Wesley (i9498) (living status unknown)


PHILLIPS, Joseph (marriage to Susannah BARBER) (i7579)


PIERCE, Steven Charles (i7276) (still alive)


PINKERTON, Clarence Frank (marriage to Esther COCHRAN) (i9487), b.1897-d.1965


POPPLE, Amy (marriage to George Reynolds BARBER) (i7601)


POSEY, Jeanette (marriage to Albert Ray SIGG) (i8124), b.1899-d.1980


POTTER, David (marriage to Susannah BARBER) (i7500)
POTTER, Rebecca (marriage to Joseph BARBER) (i760), b.1705-d.1773


RATHBONE, Charity (marriage to Daniel BARBER) (i7165), b.1747-


RATHBUN, Charity (marriage to Nathaniel BARBER) (i7516)


REDDICK, Melissa (i284) (still alive)


REGLING, Barbara Anne (i9423) (still alive)
REGLING, Kathleen Deedee (i9517) (still alive)
REGLING, Kurt F. (marriage to Ruth Lora CLARK) (i9422), b.1910-d.1987
REGLING, Kurt Roy William (i9519) (still alive)
REGLING, Ruth Mary (i9515) (still alive)


REMINGTON, Mr. ? (marriage to Abigail GREENE) (i7633)


RENNER, Logan Matthew (i9411) (still alive)


REYNOLDS, Ann (marriage to Joseph BARBER) (i7390)


RICE, Alice Valeria (i261) (still alive)
RICE, Apple Ann (i281)
RICE, Baby (i48), b.1903-d.1903
RICE, Buddy Earl (i50) (still alive)
RICE, Charles Henry (i262) (still alive)
RICE, Charles Pressley (i46), b.1901-d.1950
RICE, Christine Dorothy (i275) (still alive)
RICE, Clarence Delbert (i44), b.1897-d.1994
RICE, Daniel Leroy (i76) (still alive)
RICE, Dennis Craig (i80) (still alive)
RICE, Dr. Sam Preston (i264) (still alive)
RICE, Forest Elgen (i45), b.1900-d.1900
RICE, Heather Erin (i277) (still alive)
RICE, Henry James (i52) (still alive)
RICE, Infant Dau. (i49), b.1906-d.1906
RICE, Karen Marie (i260) (still alive)
RICE, Kurtis Anthony (i1533) (still alive)
RICE, LaDonna Jayne (i75) (still alive)
RICE, Mark David (i77) (still alive)
RICE, Mary Ann (i78) (still alive)
RICE, Matthew Buddy (i278) (still alive)
RICE, Noel Edwin (i276) (still alive)
RICE, Pressley Moses (marriage to Emma Leone BARBER) (i43), b.1869-d.1946
RICE, Rachael (i279) (still alive)
RICE, Ruby Ann (i53) (still alive)
RICE, Susan Lee Ann (i81) (still alive)
RICE, Thomas A. (i51), b.1933-d.1981
RICE, Thomas David (i291) (still alive)
RICE, Thomas Presley (i74), b.1957-d.1975
RICE, Timothy Earl (i263) (still alive)
RICE, Vicky Lynn (i73) (still alive)


RICHARD, Jane E. "Jennie" (marriage to Bradford Alfred "John" BARBER) (i3), b.1835-d.1917


RICHARDSON, Ebenezer Clawason (marriage to Phebe Wooster CHILD) (i9401)


RICHMOND, Emeline B. "Emily" (marriage to Myron Hawley BARBER) (i8964), b.1836-d.1899


RIX, James (marriage to Margaret BARBER) (i7603)


ROBINSON, Sadie May (marriage to Franklin C. BARBER) (i237), b.1895-d.1991


RODGERS, Mr. ? (marriage to Sarah PERRY) (i7027)


ROGERS, Harper (marriage to Mercy BARBER) (i7537)
ROGERS, Sally (marriage to Giles Barney BARBER) (i728)
ROGERS, Samuel (marriage to Lydia BARBER) (i7535)


ROLFSNESS, Alice (i9495) (living status unknown)
ROLFSNESS, Samuel (marriage to Eleanore COCHRAN) (i9494), b.1883-


ROSS, Deb (i5485) (still alive)
ROSS, Dennis J. (i5484) (still alive)
ROSS, Donald (i5483) (still alive)
ROSS, Jack (marriage to Lucille Marie BROWN) (i5482), b.1916-d.2006
ROSS, Scott (i5486) (still alive)
ROSS, Stephanie Gail (i5488) (still alive)
ROSS, Steven Dennis (i5487) (still alive)


ROWELL, Elizabeth M. (marriage to Lyman Wooster BARBER) (i7239), b.1853-d.1880


ROWLEY, Malinda (marriage to de Witt BARBER) (i9280)


RUSSEL, Bernice (marriage to Albert Clinton COY) (i7139), b.1910-


RUSSELL, ? (i8998), b.1771-
RUSSELL, ? (i9003), b.1781-
RUSSELL, Benjamin (i9002), b.1776-d.1861
RUSSELL, Henry (i9001), b.1775-
RUSSELL, Isaac (i8999), b.1774-
RUSSELL, John (i9004), b.1784-d.1865
RUSSELL, John (marriage to Meribah BARBER) (i7694), b.1745-d.1834
RUSSELL, Joseph (i9000), b.1775-d.1837
RUSSELL, Moses Barber (i9005), b.1785-d.1853
RUSSELL, Samuel Barber (i8997), b.1769-d.1844


SALTZ, Cecil Herbert (marriage to Ruby L. WITT) (i8844), b.1901-d.1964
SALTZ, Olga Yvonne (i8846), b.1921-d.1974
SALTZ, Rhea Mable (i8845), b.1920-


SANCHEZ, Heather Mae (i267) (still alive)
SANCHEZ, Shannon Marie (i266) (still alive)


SARVER, Barbara (i7269) (still alive)
SARVER, Infant (i7263)
SARVER, Michelle (i7270) (still alive)
SARVER, Mr. ? (marriage to Marilyn S. BEHNY) (i7267) (living status unknown)
SARVER, Terry (i7268) (still alive)


SAUNDERS, Stephen (marriage to Lydia WILCOX) (i7477)


SCHENK, Fredricka "Rickie" M. (marriage to John Weller WITT) (i4443), b.1872-d.1954


SCHIEFELBEIN, Betty J. (marriage to William Alonzo BARBER) (i7000), b.1915-d.1998


SCHINGLE, Florence (marriage to James GAMBLE) (i9471)


SCHMIEDEBUSCH, Ruth Elizabeth (marriage to Charles Pressley RICE) (i47), b.1914-d.1987


SCHULTE, Mr. (marriage to Marie WITT) (i4455)


SHANKLIN, Alfred Earl (marriage to Ethel Idona MILLER) (i2964), b.1885-d.1976
SHANKLIN, Genevieve Ruth (i3809) (still alive)
SHANKLIN, Suzanne Margaret (i2965) (still alive)


SHAW, Leonard Jonathan (marriage to Lydia Blanche HARRITT) (i8978), b.1881-d.1950


SHAWLEY, Helen Marie (i4589), b.1922-d.1923
SHAWLEY, James Vernon (i4592) (still alive)
SHAWLEY, Margurite (i4590), b.1915-d.1990
SHAWLEY, Vernon H. (marriage to Ethel C. WITT) (i4449), b.1889-


SHERMAN, Anna (marriage to Jesse BARBER) (i7469)
SHERMAN, Elizabeth (marriage to James Chapman BARBER) (i7446), b.1811-
SHERMAN, Harriet Dawley (marriage to Jesse BARBER) (i7459), b.1829-d.1902
SHERMAN, Isabelle (marriage to Peleg BARBER) (i680)


SHIMMER, Pauline (marriage to Nathaniel Hazard PERRY) (i7015)


SIGG, Albert Ray (i7132), b.1896-d.1969
SIGG, Alta Altie (i8130), b.1887-
SIGG, Alvin R. "Bubby" (i8129), b.1927-d.1994
SIGG, Birdie Ann (i7133), b.1885-d.1966
SIGG, Daniel (i8317) (still alive)
SIGG, Denver E. (i8284), d.1916
SIGG, Donald F. (i8125), b.1917-d.1987
SIGG, Emma Mae (i919), b.1893-d.1973
SIGG, Frederick John (i7134), b.1890-d.1908
SIGG, James (i8313) (still alive)
SIGG, John (marriage to Mary Ellen WITT) (i918), b.1864-d.1914
SIGG, Joseph (i8314)
SIGG, Lyle R. (i8128), b.1924-
SIGG, Max A. (i8127), b.1922-
SIGG, Michael (i8315) (still alive)
SIGG, Minnie (?) (marriage to Frederick John SIGG) (i8135), b.1884-
SIGG, Rosemary E. (i7135), b.1892-
SIGG, Sylvan Stanley (i8126), b.1919-d.2003
SIGG, Thomas (i8316) (still alive)


SINES, Charles W. (marriage to Alta Altie SIGG) (i8282), b.1882-d.1974
SINES, Howard (i8311), b.1911-
SINES, Leonard (i8310), b.1906-


SINGLETARY, Tressie M. (marriage to Benson Eugene BEHNY) (i7271), b.1907-d.1993


SISSON, Thomas (marriage to Dorcas BARBER) (i7562)


SLIDELL, Jane (marriage to Matthew Calbraith PERRY) (i7024), b.1797-d.1882


SMITH, Julia (marriage to William D. BARBER) (i7181), b.1824-
SMITH, Mercy (marriage to William BARBER) (i737), b.1684-d.1719
SMITH, Mr. ? (marriage to Marilyn S. BEHNY) (i7154) (living status unknown)


SNELLBAKER, Cy (marriage to Margaret Louise SPRAGUE) (i4308)


SOPER, Mary Ann (marriage to Richard Solomon BARBER) (i7171), b.1873-


SPARKS, Anna Blanche (i8000), b.1869-
SPARKS, Earl Grant (i8007), b.1885-
SPARKS, Edna Elizabeth (i8006), b.1882-
SPARKS, Forest Herbert (i8005), b.1880-
SPARKS, Franklyn Ernest (i7999), b.1867-
SPARKS, Grace Rowena (i8001), b.1872-
SPARKS, Harry Lysinger (i8002), b.1874-
SPARKS, John Ecker (marriage to Ann E. BARBER) (i7997), b.1839-d.1912
SPARKS, John Volney (i8003), b.1876-
SPARKS, Nellia Marie (i7998), b.1863-
SPARKS, Volney Leroy (i8004), b.1878-


SPINNING, Isaac (marriage to Elizabeth BARBER) (i9364)


SPRAGUE, E. Albert (marriage to Greeta D. BARBER) (i246), b.1896-d.1968
SPRAGUE, Margaret Louise (i4046), b.1918-d.1982


SPURGEON, Lawrence (marriage to Eunice A. WITT) (i4464)


STANTON, Sabre (marriage to Jonathon BARBER) (i7588)
STANTON, Sarah (i8730), b.1814-
STANTON, Sarah (marriage to Thomas BARBER) (i8714), b.1814-
STANTON, Thomas Breed (marriage to Experience BARBER) (i8729), b.1792-


STARR, Nathan Avery (marriage to Mary Esther BARBER) (i7559)


STEADMAN, Daniel Macoone (marriage to Susanna PERRY) (i7512)
STEADMAN, Thomas, Jr. (marriage to Mary PERRY) (i7511)


STOCK, Wilma (marriage to Sylvan Stanley SIGG) (i8312) (living status unknown)


STONER, Kathryn Marie (marriage to Walter Gale MILLER) (i3835), b.1912-d.1983


STUBBERFIELD, George (marriage to Sarah Anna (?) OLMSTEAD) (i775) (living status unknown)


SULLIVAN, Pauline (marriage to Paul R. "Mike" GINGRICH) (i1246), b.1903-


SWAN, Henry (marriage to Anna Marie BARBER) (i9268)


SWANK, JeanneMarie (i1525) (still alive)
SWANK, John William (marriage to Jessie Isabel LLOYD) (i248), b.1865-d.1950
SWANK, Moardecai Maynard "Tony" (i249), b.1898-d.1976
SWANK, Sarah (marriage to Esquire D. BARBER) (i219), b.1824-d.1917


SWEET, Etta F. (marriage to Karl Wendell BARBER) (i228), b.1905-d.1985


SWINEHART, Beulah M. (i8309), b.1916-
SWINEHART, John Earl (marriage to Rosemary E. SIGG) (i8283), b.1889-
SWINEHART, Marvel (i8307), b.1914-
SWINEHART, Mary Ellen (i8308), b.1915-


SYLVESTER, Ruth S. (marriage to Warren Alonzo GAMBLE Sr.) (i6956), b.1877-d.1953


TANNER, Avis (marriage to Thomas BARBER) (i132), b.1703-d.1777


TAYLOR, Harriet E. (marriage to Matthew C. PERRY Jr.) (i7031)


TEFFT, Deliverance (marriage to Daniel BARBER) (i756), b.1722-d.1799
TEFFT, Elder Joshua (i5094), b.1649-
TEFFT, Ezekiel (i7567)
TEFFT, John (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i4474)
TEFFT, Lydia (marriage to Robert Niles BARBER) (i7710), b.1800-
TEFFT, Mary (i5093), b.1647-
TEFFT, Mary (marriage to Benjamin BARBER) (i758), b.1705-d.1782
TEFFT, Mr. ? (marriage to Lydia BARBER) (i7664)
TEFFT, Samuel (i5091), b.1644-d.1725
TEFFT, Samuel (marriage to Mercy BARBER) (i753)
TEFFT, Tabitha (i5092), b.1653-d.1722
TEFFT, Thankful (i7568)


TERRY, Mary (marriage to Rathbun BARBER Sr.) (i8946)


THOMPSON, H.C. (marriage to Catherine BARBER) (i777) (living status unknown)


TIFFANY, Mr. ? (marriage to Isabella Bolton PERRY) (i7039)


TRIPP, Loretta (marriage to William BARBER) (i9325)


VAN CLEEF, Andrew Tyler (i4033) (still alive)
VAN CLEEF, Ian Hunter (i4275) (still alive)


VAN STREADER, Earl (marriage to Louise M. BARBER) (i7328), b.1925-d.2007
VAN STREADER, Jamie (i8093) (still alive)
VAN STREADER, Kathy J. (i7334) (still alive)
VAN STREADER, Kenneth L. (i7329) (still alive)
VAN STREADER, Patricia S. (i7332) (still alive)
VAN STREADER, Richard "Rick" (i7330) (still alive)


VANOVER, Karie Lynn (i3865) (still alive)
VANOVER, Kyle Allen (i3866) (still alive)


WALLACE, Amanda Sue (i288) (still alive)
WALLACE, Shannon Renee (i287) (still alive)


WARNER, Catherine (i8453)
WARNER, George Washington (marriage to Ellen P. BARBER) (i6972), b.1849-d.1924
WARNER, Velna (i8454)


WATSON, Caroline (marriage to Cicero BARBER) (i9266)


WEBSTER, Ezekiel (i7582)
WEBSTER, Hannah (marriage to Ezekiel BARBER) (i757), b.1716-d.1786
WEBSTER, Moshier (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i7581)


WELLS, Barbara (i7403)
WELLS, Barber (i7402)
WELLS, Barber (i7409)
WELLS, Clarke (i7408)
WELLS, James (i7401)
WELLS, James (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i7399)
WELLS, John (i7406)
WELLS, Joshua (i7400)
WELLS, Peter (i7404)
WELLS, Rebecca (?) (marriage to Barber WELLS) (i7405)
WELLS, Susannah (i7407)


WEST, Joseph (marriage to Martha BARBER) (i668)
WEST, Rowena Ann (marriage to Bradford Kenyon BARBER) (i681), b.1826-d.1882
WEST, Susannah (marriage to Moses BARBER) (i740), b.1674-d.1757


WETHERBY, Adele (marriage to Frederick Ruland BARBER) (i6969), b.1875-d.1937


WHEELER, Thomas (marriage to Ella Marie BARBER) (i7468)


WHIPPLE, Griffin (marriage to Louisa BARBER) (i9272)


WHITAKER, Polly (marriage to Wilson BARBER) (i8675)


WICZYNSKI, Mark Allan (i4283), b.1963-d.1987


WILCOX, Edward (marriage to Dinah BARBER) (i763), b.1693-d.1774
WILCOX, Hannah (i7475), b.1720-
WILCOX, Isaac (marriage to Rebecca BARBER) (i7520)
WILCOX, Joseph (i7480), b.1730-
WILCOX, Lydia (i7476), b.1725-
WILCOX, Major John (marriage to Mary BARBER) (i7586)
WILCOX, Margaret (marriage to James BARBER) (i7422), b.1747-d.1850
WILCOX, Mary (i7474), b.1717-
WILCOX, Rhobe (marriage to Rathbun BARBER Sr.) (i8941), b.1782-d.1859
WILCOX, Susannah (i7478), b.1727-


WILSON, Samuel (marriage to Mary TEFFT) (i5095)


WITT, Addison (marriage to Eliza Ann BARBER) (i256), b.1814-d.1889
WITT, Andrew J. (i257), b.1844-d.1916
WITT, Caroline Singoquah (i4456), b.1871-d.1895
WITT, Carrie (i7122), b.1898-
WITT, Cora Ellen (i2744), b.1874-d.1874
WITT, Dorothy W. "Dortha" (i4452), b.1910-d.2000
WITT, Elizabeth May (i4461), b.1880-d.1984
WITT, Ellen M. "Ella" (i4446), b.1892-d.1975
WITT, Ethel C. (i4448), b.1894-
WITT, Eunice A. (i4463), b.1881-
WITT, George M. (i2742), b.1858-d.1908
WITT, Hazel (?) (marriage to William Jacob WITT) (i6998), b.1901-d.1982
WITT, Infant Male (i7119), b.1905-d.1905
WITT, Jeannette R. (?) (marriage to Richard J. "Sam" WITT) (i8281), b.1917-d.1995
WITT, John Addison (i4458), b.1876-d.1968
WITT, John G. (i4450), b.1896-d.1959
WITT, John Weller (i4442), b.1861-d.1919
WITT, Marie (i4454), b.1900-
WITT, Mary Ellen (i917), b.1857-d.1902
WITT, Mary Ida (i4440), b.1874-d.1916
WITT, Mary Lavina (i7121), b.1902-d.1904
WITT, Milo Maurice Ohsandiah (i4460), b.1877-d.1933
WITT, Osa (i4444), b.1890-
WITT, Raymond Floyd (i7123), b.1897-d.1980
WITT, Richard J. "Sam" (i6933), b.1907-d.1968
WITT, Robert W. (i7131), b.1919-d.1982
WITT, Ruby L. (i7120), b.1903-d.1940
WITT, Son (i8279), b.1871-d.1880
WITT, Thomas Jefferson (i258), b.1847-d.1901
WITT, William Frederick (i4466), b.1886-d.1952
WITT, William Jacob (i4451), b.1898-d.1960


WOODMANSEE, James (marriage to Abigail KENYON) (i7599)


WOODRUFF, Israel (marriage to Martha Jane BARBER) (i9555)


WRIGHT, Alfred (marriage to Louisa BARBER) (i9260), b.1787-
WRIGHT, Benjamin Carson (i4196) (still alive)


YALE, Rhoda (marriage to Daniel BARBER) (i9323)


YOUNG, Barbara Jean (i1253) (still alive)
YOUNG, Deborah Ann (i309) (still alive)
YOUNG, Donald Eugene (i1252) (still alive)
YOUNG, Jennifer Marie (i1271) (still alive)
YOUNG, Joshua Eugene (i1270) (still alive)
YOUNG, Karen Marie (i311) (still alive)
YOUNG, Ronald Eugene Jr. (i312) (still alive)
YOUNG, Sharon Kay (i310), b.1960-d.1960
YOUNG, Taren Marie (i1265) (still alive)

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